Pet Fitness for Your Buddy’s Longer Life

Pet Fitness for Overweight Dog
See what too much love can do?

We love our pets dearly. After all, they become a part of our family. In the process though, we can often overdo that love by feeding them too much or spoiling them with too many treats. Before you know it, our poor dogs and cats can become too fat, which is not healthy for them. Therefore, here is an easier way to judge pet fitness and what to do about it in the event of an overweight buddy.

The first method is stroking the dog or cat on the animal’s back and sides. If you can’t feel the pets ribs through all the furry skin, then your buddy needs to go on a diet. Remember, you don’t want to see the ribs only feel them when you make your assessment.

The second method is checking what your pet looks like when you gaze down at him or her standing below. From that angle, your pet should have a V shape with more width at the shoulders and his or her sides narrowing toward his or her backside.

The third method to clue you about the fitness of your pet is examining his or her appearance from the side. Let your eyes travel to the stomach area. Notice if the pet’s stomach is curved upward instead, which would indicate that you have nothing to worry about. However, if your pet’s stomach seems higher up with his or her chest or drooping below, your buddy is too pudgy.

If you found that your buddy is obese and could benefit from pet fitness, then getting the pet in shape can be fun exercise for both of you. In the case of dogs, you might want to take your pet out for more frequent walks. You can also play throwing a ball to your dog outside. Another thought is moving food and the water bowl further away such as downstairs if it was upstairs so that the animal can get more exercise.

Cats, on the other hand, can’t resist their hunting instinct. Give them something to chase like a catnip-stuffed toy, darting a laser around the room to just luring them with string can amuse them and you at the same time. You also will be giving them that needed pet fitness workout.

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, the same holds true that we love our pets dearly. With luck, this post on pet fitness will help extend the time that you get with your buddy for a longer life.


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