Why a Scalp Scrub Can Help Reboot Hair Beauty


The hair is subject to the same problem of a product buildup as the complexion. Without removing that lingering residue that may be trapped along with scalp oils, the look of your hair can suffer as well as hair growth. This is why removing dead skin cells with a scalp scrub can help reboot hair beauty instead of limiting its potential.

This scalp buildup can even be worse depending on how often the hair is washed. Perhaps, you have been trying to shampoo less to protect hair coloring or just because you ran out of time to possibly skip daily shampooing to avoid stripping hair oils. Instead, you may have been turning more to dry shampoos for freshening it daily. This layer of dry shampoo powder can embed itself with styling products like hair gel, wax, texture cream, putty to hair spray, natural oils, grime, and sweat that can accumulate more and contribute to a heavier layer of a scalp residue. Yet, a scalp scrub can be the effective remedy that your head needs to revive its former glory.

A clarifying shampoo or using baking soda mixed with shampoo can help deep clean the hair, but only a scalp scrub can better stimulate and loosen the product buildup more thoroughly. However, you need to be careful on what type of scalp scrub would suit your head the best. Otherwise, you could irritate the scalp or overdo too much of a good thing. Opt for no more than two or three times a week to use one safely.

Those with excessively oily hair may want to search for a scalp scrub with salt. The shape of its molecule is larger and coarser than a less abrasive scalp scrub with sugar, which is a better choice for those with more sensitive and drier scalps.

In fact, one excellent salt-based DIY scalp scrub is this one that has helped my hair when it was more oily than it is now. I still whip this one up for my guy. Now that my hair is dry so is my scalp, which makes a big difference. Therefore, I substitute sugar instead of the salt in that recipe. I found it still does an amazing lifting of dead skin cells on the scalp, but is gentler while leaving the skin better lubricated.

I like to apply my scalp scrub to my wet head before shampooing. This seems to distribute the scalp scrub more easily when working it over your head in my opinion. Afterwards, I wait a few minutes to give those ingredients time to kick in before rinsing out and following with shampoo and conditioner.

You may be surprised at how a scalp scrub could benefit scalp health and the future of your hair to reboot its beauty and growth. Just give this advice a try and discover this same big difference yourself.


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