Working From Home Tips to Maximize Productivity

Working From Home Woman With Child

Some people assume when you work from home that you have it made. After all, you save time from your usual commute since your new office is a room in your home. However, what those people also fail to realize is that working from home also comes with extra distractions that can make your new setup and routine a challenge. Be it as it may, I wanted to share some useful tips for working from home that can help to better maximize productivity just by changing a few of your habits.

What is helpful is establishing the same routine. Though you may start an hour or two later since you avoid commuting time, you still may have assigned hours before you need to report to your computer or telephone. Unless you are on flexible hours, it helps to eat breakfast at the same new time that you need to enjoy it comfortably with the family and handle routine bathroom chores to dressing. Sticking to a schedule helps you focus on still preparing on your work day as usual is the first of these tips when working from home.

Speaking of dressing, you may not need to use skype for business or zoom conference calls online to require wearing your same business attire. Instead, you might be wearing business casual, jeans or your sweats while working as your new office uniform. Nothing is wrong with comfortable, but working in just your pajamas can affect your mindset. For example, if every time that you put on pajamas it is bedtime or it makes you just want to crawl back to bed, then your mind may associate that nightwear with the urge to sleep.

Parents with young children have an especially hard time when working from home. Therefore, you need to make your employer understand and adapt your schedule accordingly. Print the schedule out and post it to your refrigerator for the entire family to see is beneficial.

Something that can give parents an edge to get more work done is getting up earlier before your children to preplan or fit in some work–that is IF you are on a flexible work schedule. This option would not be possible for those that need to sign in at their workstation at a specific time.

Handling working from home with very young children such as a toddler is more of a challenge. You can’t let them alone to cry or chance placing themselves in a dangerous position. I feel it is important to keep them with you while working. If your employer can’t understand your position, then take personal leave or unemployment.

Providing your slightly older children with stimulating activities is just as important for their benefit as well as yours. In fact, you may find it easier for those younger children to adapt to seeing you less by giving them their own specialized spaces. For instance, you can spread out a blanket in one part of the room to designate as their reading nook according to the child’s age with their story books and puzzles.

You can also have another area set aside for art projects for their coloring with their papers, coloring books, play dough, crayons and markers. Lay another blanket down, but spread an old vinyl tablecloth or clean tarp on top of it. You also want to check what kind of crayons and markers that you plan to give them. After all, young children like to create where and when the mood strikes them such as your walls. Make sure to buy washable and nontoxic crayons and markers to save you from extra cleaning later.

Pets are also demanding and used to our attention. I knew a woman that had two cats that constantly howled outside of her home office door. Every day before she started, she had to take her cats to spend the time on her three-seasoned porch. Otherwise, those two cats kept up the racket. You may have a dog or cat that will sleep peacefully as long as it is near you, but if you don’t you may want to put your pet outside or in another room while you work is another of these tips when working from home.

Though you may be tempted to skip your breaks, take two fifteen minutes a day that is set by federal standards and savor every moment is also another of these working from home tips to maximize productivity. You need time to stretch your legs, relieve yourself or get a cup of coffee or a snack if you intend to concentrate and stop fidgeting in discomfort until the next break.

You may not be affected by such distractions when working from home, but what I shared here with these tips is something to think about for those that are. After all, we are all in this together until a vaccine to end this pandemic is available so life can return to normal.


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