8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Grandparents This Year

gift ideas for grandparents

Shopping this year may be a bit more challenging for those that prefer visiting stores in person through a pandemic to feel for quality and sizes than trusting online photos and brief descriptions of what you see, especially for parents and grandparents. However, you can find a lot of great deals online this year especially with online coupons and earlier Black Friday bargains than previous years while staying safe and ordering from home. Pandemic or not, it still can be hard to figure out some great gift ideas for grandparents and parents every holiday season. After all, they only can use so many new nightgowns, robes, funny sweaters, etc. that you tend to buy when you can’t think of anything else. Therefore, I have a few great gift ideas for grandparents and parents that they may especially appreciate instead of trying to stuff another new robe or pot into their cupboards.

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For those grandparents or parents that are trying to only make necessary trips to their grocery stores, pharmacies and medical appointments to limit their exposure to COVID-19, they may be hungry for ways to occupy their minds. If they usually went to the library for books for reading, you may want to order them some books, puzzles and board games to send their way.

If your grandparents and parents don’t have access to cable televison programs and movies, you may want to think about buying them a smart television. You can find a lot of great movies from channels like Pluto TV that run wonderful movies throughout the day compared to the limited choices available on regular television networks.

Something else that is thoughtful is sending them something warm and cozy to bundle themselves in like a big plush blanket like the Big Blanket. This thing is huge and has cuddly fabric and can wrap both grandparents in comfortably while watching television or reading to just keeping on their bed. Read my review for more details.

Grandparents or parents that are living alone often may not cook proper meals for themselves. What could be more thoughtful that gifting them with convenient precooked meals that are nutritious that they could stick in freezer or refrigerator to reheat later in the microwave? Read my review of Splendid Spoon because they take the guess work out of what to fix for dinner or lunch in each those bowls that can serve two meals.

Hot pepper sauces contain capasaicin, which helps with pain and inflammation. They also can help by giving the immune system an added boost for better functioning. Another of these great gift ideas for grandparents and parents is signing them up for a hot sauce subscription such as my favorite, Fuego Box.

You also might want to give grandparents a delicious and nutritious assortment of jerky to chew on such as a Manly Man Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet. This gift is decorative in a pint glass vase as well as yummy with a dozen pieces in four flavors and just one idea for a thoughtful care package among others in their collection.

Dried fruits are another of these great gift ideas for grandparents and parents like assembling a box of raisins, figs, prunes, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, apricots, etc. You also include the fixings and your favorite recipe to make homemade granola, which they also may enjoy.

Bakers would love getting fresh baking supplies delivered to their homes. You could order speciality flours, sugar, an assortment of flavor extracts, a new cookbook, baking utensils to new baking pans to go along with your baking gift box that would surely excite those grandparents and parents as another of these great gift ideas to consider.

Additional gift ideas for grandparents and parents might also revolve around their hobbies. A thought is curating a box of items that would need to complete a project such as a variety of different yarns and needles for knitters or those that crochet. Then again, you could devise a book of art supplies if your grandparents or parents love to paint, sketch with paper, pens, paints, brushes to compliment their favorite of media, etc.

This year living through a pandemic does rob us of spending time with a lot of family, especially grandparents that we don’t want too infect this holiday season. This is why these few great gift ideas for grandparents can really be practical useful gifts that would go over so well this year.


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