Chapped Lips and 10 Unexpected Causes

Chapped Lips and 10 Unexpected Causes

Chapped lips are not only painful, but something that you can also avoid. However, some of the reasons may also come as unexpected. Therefore, this post can help save you from needless dry lip suffering so let me elaborate.

Some common reasons for chapped lips are no surprise. One way this condition can happen is when you unconsciously have a habit of licking your lips. You might not even be aware of constantly moistening them, but that saliva left on the surface can cause the problem.

Dry, cold weather is another common reason for chapped lips as well as returning to a warm house can be extra harsh on the lips since the skin in that area is thinner and easier to irritate.

Still, you could also find chapped lips can occur when you fail to drink enough water. After all, you could be skimping on water more in favor of hot beverages to warm up.

Not enough water is bad enough, but you can make this problem worse when you stir in excess sugar, drink more hot chocolate with sugar and other sugar related drinks that can dehydrate the body.

Speaking of dehydrating the body that can improve your odds of chapped lips, you want to lighten up your salt intake, especially during cold weather. Salt draws out water so be careful.

Sugar, salt, and failure to drink water can make matters worse. Yet, there is another food-related concern that can cause chapped lips. Spicy foods can also play a part. Unfortunately, the texture of the lips has changed when dry as they start to chap from that soft pillow-like surface to one with skin that is rough and uneven. Spicy foods burn upon contact on that irritated surface causing more problems for chapped lips.

The holidays are especially the times that you may be whitening your teeth for adding that extra bit of glam. Believe it or not, you might want to check the ingredient list to see if that whitening kit has peroxide, which can contribute to chapped lips.

Your medications also can explain an increase in chapped lips. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are one type to ones used for chemotherapy. In fact, any drugs such as antihistamines, antibiotics to diuretics can contribute. All these drugs dry the mouth.

Something else that you surprise you are that even certain vitamins and supplements can be behind it also. Vitamin A or excess B vitamins such as niacin can be a possible cause as well.

Hopefully, the information that I shared with this post will help lessen the chances of encountering the pain and unsightly appearance this condition causes for the future.


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  1. gala
    November 30, 2020 / 7:35 am

    I had no idea that there are so many causes and not just windy cold weather

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