Hand Skincare–V10 Plus Skincare Products Review

hand skincare --V10 plus skincare products
V10 Plus Hand Skincare

I have to admit my growing love affair with Eastern beauty products such as natural skin care from V10 Plus after what I noticed with the beautiful changes to my skin from my first review using their water peeling product. However, I never sampled any of their V10 Plus hand skincare products until receiving a few to review in a box the company sent among a few others. Therefore, let me tell me what their V10 Plus hand skincare products can offer with the V3 Miracle Hydrating and Revitalizing Serums.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The V10 Plus hand skincare system involves two products with the V3 Miracle Hydrating and the V3 Revitalizing Serums with pump dispensers. Both of these are used together for solving chapped, dry skin of hands without parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors, and chemical fragrances. You may think this sounds like overkill for handling the problem, but only a small amount is necessary with their powerful combination of ingredients in these thinner, water-based serums.

The Miracle Hydrating Serum features ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate for superior hydration. Unlike its cousin, hyaluronic acid that is made from sugar molecules, sodium hyaluronate is derived from salts. Nonetheless, this ingredient does the same magic for the skin in how it can attract water.

Oat kernel extract is also included in the Miracle Hydrating Serum due to how it works for providing a tightening effect attributed to its silicic acid for instant smoothness to the skin. Oats also have considerable starches and beta-glucans for excellent moisturization even for sensitive skin.

Another star performer in V10 Plus Miracle Hydrating Serum is its amino acid called betaine that has humble beginnings from sugar beets. This is an amazing humectant that offers a better solution for moisturizing without that same degree of a tacky feeling compared to glycerin that can be typically found in hand and foot creams. This has just slight stickiness.

The V10 Plus Miracle Hydrating Serum also has pterocarpus marsupium bark extract among its other ingredients that anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for help protecting and lightening the skin.

The second of the V10 Plus hand skincare products important to this regime is the V3 Miracle Revitalizing Serum. I don’t know whether this was the first product to apply or second step, but it works nicely either way from my experience for skin repair. Some of its ingredients include sodium PCA, which is a wonderful moisturizing agent for how it attracts water from the air along with others such as sorbitol, a humectant, an amino acid such as serine for moisture among others. However, the Revitalizing serum does have butylene glycol and pentylene glycol, which may give some reason for concern since they are petroleum-derived.

If you searching are a quick repair for your hands and feet or hunting for a great holiday gift, I must say that the V10 Plus hand skincare products with both Miracle serums ($74 each) does excellent work for smoothing and moisturizing the skin even after you wash your hands several times for more lasting effects compared to other hand and foot creams you may have tried. Check the company’s website out.


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  1. gala
    November 12, 2020 / 8:38 am

    It’s so important to take care about hands, they say to know woman’s true age look at her hands

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