What I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving 2020

Grateful for This Thanksgiving 2020 Turkey

Although we are living through terrifying times thanks to this pandemic that has robbed us of so many lives and destroyed futures along with crazy political chaos that caused such division in our country, you would wonder why I would have anything to be grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020. Despite all the bad things that have happened to us, Thanksgiving 2020 is still a day that also reminded me of quite a few things to be grateful for and hope for the future.

Where do I begin? Every day that my family and I wake up without symptoms of COVID-19 is, indeed, something I am grateful for. Sometimes, we simply take for granted those gifts we are given such as living until tragedy strikes.

These days I am grateful when I need to go out in public when I see others wearing their masks instead of pocketing them. Of course, wearing a mask can make it hard to breathe. They can also pinch, hurt your ears or make your glasses steam up when you drive, etc. You bet masks are uncomfortable, but wearing them is an easy way that can protect all, not just ourselves. Therefore, it gives me hope about the nature of people when I see them remembering the importance of those masks to help slow down the spread of this virus.

During this pandemic, I’m grateful this Thanksgiving 2020 when people don’t stand too close when shopping in store aisles or checkout counters. I have seen people clustering in aisles at some places where I shop instead of giving others room, which is far from socially distancing.

I am grateful just to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 with my immediate family. For the life of me, I cannot understand the need to travel for Thanksgiving to be with your extended family. You may feel great and even show a negative COVID-19 test. However, those tests are not always accurate. Though you want to be with family, it is more a loving gesture not to possibly share a virus that may kill them for Thanksgiving 2020.

Something else I am grateful for this Thanksgiving 2020 is that democracy is still alive and well in our country. Now that this transition is finally happening, our country has a chance to once again experience civility, compassion and come together. Politicians on all levels should be held responsible for their actions as well as inactions when our lives are at stake. Using their power just for their own selfish goals instead of the good of the people is a crime. Let’s just say that I am grateful that our united voices were heard and FINALLY recognized instead of having hatred prevail.

Finally, I am grateful this Thanksgiving 2020 for all the amazing scientific achievements that will bring us several vaccines sooner than later. Though most of us will get them probably in spring or summer 2021, it finally will help end this current nightmare. I don’t mind that we will need a booster vaccine, it is the protective measure we need to resume our normal lives.

If Thanksgiving 2020 has taught us anything, it has only proven that our spirits are still intact, which I am grateful for. As long as we have hope, we can survive anything. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


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