Why a Virtual Holiday Party Is Ideal This Year

Virtual Holiday Party Online Invitation
Here is an example email invitation for your virtual holiday party.

The winter holidays that we look forward to most are quickly approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Of course, nothing makes those occasions as special than spending them with family and friends to celebrate those happy times. However, this is the year that we had something thrown at us that none of us have experienced living through a raging pandemic caused by COVID-19. Though as tired as we may be of wearing face masks and social distancing after many months, this is hardly the time to forget the seriousness of this situation to keep yourself, family and friends safe until the vaccine is readily available for all. Therefore, you may find that you can still celebrate those winter holidays with loved ones without risking both their health and yours by planning a virtual holiday party.

To get you started, I have some virtual holiday party ideas that can help as you turn to video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet (formerly known as Google Hangouts). Utilizing these free platforms can close that distant gap and bring up to 100 people together. Depending on that platform, the time for that free meeting can vary from 40 minutes for Zoom to 60 minutes for Google Meet. The important part is that you can chat, laugh together, see each other, and reminisce just as you would when in person. In fact, you can even eat and drink together if you make adjustments with where to place your laptop or computer.

Music is something that all parties need to bring on a festive mood. A few of my favorite songs perfect for this strange time that we are living in with this pandemic and how divided the country still is with “Be Thankful for What You Got” by William DeVaugh and “Thankful” by Kelly Clarkson. These two songs do an excellent job of entertaining while reminding us of everything we still have and never take for granted. This is why I thought you may want to add them to your virtual holiday party playlist. Speaking of a virtual holiday party playlist, you can create one easily enough by heading over to Spotify or YouTube.

Something fun you might want to do is preplanning and sending a holiday gift box of treats that you could have made yourself. After all, what announces winter holidays more than homemade cookies and candies that can be enjoyed together online. Another holiday gift box idea is sending some homemade mixes for things like cakes, cookies, seasoning blends that you also have made as a part of your virtual holiday party table spread that they can save for later.

There are plenty of fun ways that you can still enjoy those winter celebrations during a virtual holiday party from playing free board games online as well such as monopoly, etc. You can play bingo or word games also.

I know it is hard to be apart from those we love, especially through the holiday season. However, think about those in the military that are separated from families and friends. Recent generations can at least stay connected through emails and video chats, but older generations that were sent to fight in wars just had letters and packages from home during those winter holidays.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy for those military families then either. The difference was they had no choice to accept their circumstances, but we do thanks to technology to celebrate through a virtual holiday party.


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