Why Your Under Eye Dark Circles May Still Show

Under Eye Dark Circles

Under eye dark circles can be a depressing problem that many of us can relate to. In desperation, we can often splurge on one concealer after the next, hoping for finally the right formula to do the job only to be disappointed in the results. Therefore, let me explain why your under eye dark circles may still be showing.

To begin with, you may have picked up a liquid concealer. Though they are easier to apply by just dipping into their tube, the amount of coverage is often thinner than some other forms. This type of concealer could be what is hampering your success in disguising your under eye dark circles. Instead, you may want to trade up for a creamy solid concealer.

Another consideration as to why your under eye dark circles may still show is the color that you also selected. The best shades you want to search for have red tones such as peach shades. You might have been using a yellow-based concealer that could possibly account for insufficient coverage. The reason this is a bad shade is because it only provides minimum coverage since it is better for covering purple tones.

Technique is also important when it comes to under eye dark circles. Perhaps, your only mistake was thinking that piling on a thick layer of extra concealer would help. Instead, you could have made the issue worse, especially when all that excess product migrates to even fine under eye creases. Try using a lighter hand and alter your method of application in place of that act of desperation. I like to use a tapered concealer brush that allows you the best access for using the product in such small areas.

On the other hand, you can also try using your hand as a palette and apply the concealer or custom blending a few of your other concealers. Next, press your pinkie finger into the concealer or concealer blend and gently pat along the under eye dark circles. I usually work my way up to the corner where I have darkness because of my allergies. However, if your eyes are starting to show their age with wrinkles, then you may want to skip applying concealer there. Otherwise, the concealer can later collect to exaggerate more prominent wrinkles through your facial expressions.

Another mistake to explain why your under eye dark circles may still show can also be because you may have neglected a key problem area. You may have been concentrating solely on the bottom of the eye area while missing concealing the inner corner. If you target that inner corner as well as spread that application of the concealer artfully in a path down the sides of your nose, you may discover that the darkness is hidden more to your liking.

Something else as to why your under eye dark circles may still show is the type and shades of eye shadows that you also rely on. Your goal is to brighten the eye area and lift it from negative attention that darkness caused. Try using some shimmering shades of nude like a champagne color that has the ultra fine reflective quality to it over brighter, vivid colors can make a difference. The important thing is not going too light. Look for one that is at least slightly darker than your skin tone to make this trick work.

If all else fails when it comes to your under eye dark circles, then you have to accept that your genes and heredity also contributed to this problem. You may find antihistamines help. Sleeping on two pillows to keep your head elevated instead of letting the fluids drain can also be useful. You also could have a different sort of health problem. Therefore, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor and seek a professional opinion since underlying conditions may be the reason.

In the meantime, you can also try doubling up the coverage by turning to a peach-colored corrector to use first before your regular concealer. Take a dampened sponge or beauty blender to the corrector first for only supplying a veil of color not intense peach pigment to gently dab over the area. Then follow up with your concealer and blend.

Regardless of how you finally conquered your under eye dark circles to your satisfaction, you will eventually find that coverage may diminish through the coarse of a long day. To get you through, I want to share a quick beauty fix that can help. Carry a tube of eye cream with you to use for later by gently dabbing that clean pinkie finger with it before smoothing the concealer to repair it. You also may want to try my homemade brightening eye cream recipe.

If you take this advice on what to do about your under eye dark circles, you’ll finally be happier and see a noticeable improvement in their appearance.


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