Gotu Kola Benefits for Skin Beauty

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola, centella asiatica or the spade leaf is an ancient herb that has been around for thousands of years in Indian holistic healing known as Ayurveda medicine for what it can do to help with skin inflammation and wound healing. However, this member of the parsley family has been making a strong comeback as an exciting new beauty ingredient for the wonderful effects it has for skin renewal and anti-aging. Therefore, here is why you may want to start reading your skin care product labels for gotu kola.

To demonstrate, gotu kola has some amazing amino acids, phytochemicals, beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, and fatty acids. Alone each of those components is beneficial for the skin. Yet, together those compounds work even harder in a more powerful way for effectiveness in regard to how distinctively gotu kola can heal as its repairing fibroblasts create fresh collagen and proteins for the wounded skin. As a result, some research has shown that gotu kola cannot only help with anti-aging and wrinkles, skin inflammation but also with scarring.

As impressive and promising as all that is, this herb also improves circulation and swelling from how a topical cream once applied to varicose veins or swollen ankles may help due to how this herb can reach the deepest layers of the skin to those veins.

As it assists with getting rid of retention of fluids and vein repair, gotu kola tightens connective tissue as it drains out what is circulating in the bloodstream such as cellulite. Once again, it can come to a woman’s rescue by firming up skin in the process. Besides improving the appearance of that dimpled skin and fatty deposits from cellulite, this herb can do the same in regard to sagging skin for a tighter, more youthful effect.

From what I shared here about gotu kola benefits for skin, I think it is worth your time to start checking your beauty product labels for this herb as an ingredient.


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