Best Scents for Home and Zen Benefits

Best Scents for Home

Scents are powerful in how they can affect us to trigger areas of the brain for emotion and our moods. For this purpose, knowing the best scents for the home and each room can help create the right atmosphere to get the most Zen benefits from your living space.

We spend a lot of time with family and friends enjoying each other’s company in our living rooms. Therefore, you want to aim to make this space as welcoming and inviting as possible. The best scents for this particular room are ones that can give a sense of coziness and warmth. You might want to consider creamy scents such as amber or woody scents such as sandalwood and cedar. For those times that you are planning a party and hope to pump up the crowd, you may find fruity scents are more energizing scents.

Kitchens and dining rooms are where you want to stimulate appetites. At the same time, you also want to offset cooking odors that can dominate those spaces. Being the case, the best scents for home in these rooms are citrus or herbal scents to freshen and clean the air.

Bathrooms should provide a relaxing atmosphere that is clean and spa like to recoup after a tiring day. The best scents for home and bathroom include herbal ones such as rosemary, eucalyptus to ones that can usher in thoughts of freshness from outdoors like ocean or clean linen scents.

The best scents for the home in spots like bedrooms should be ones that can help calm and provide tranquility to provide sleep. Lavender is one that has been studied to show how it works on an active mind to slow down the nervous system. It also has a knack for slowing down your breathing as you inhale it. Chamomile also is a similar soothing scent in how it acts on the nervous system.

On the other hand, to induce a romantic mood in the bedroom the best scents for home is one like rose. The surprising thing about an aromatherapy essential oil like rose is that it relaxes, helps the brain function better during sleep as you dream, and is a natural aphrodisiac.

The best scents for home and home offices are turning to scents like peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, lemon balm, sage. According to various research, their aromas can help cognitive function for better brain productivity.

Mood enhancing scents can do a lot to change your atmosphere, but more importantly your mood and thought processes, so finding the best scents for your home should be your goal.


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