How to Change Up Your Look Once Masks Come Off

How to Change Up Your Look with Makeup

As a result of this pandemic, our beauty needs may have taken a backseat without risking trips to hair salons, gyms or just because of working from home instead of putting that extra effort into dressing up for work. How many more are even bothering with makeup when going out since half the face is covered with a mask anyway? The good news is our lives will be getting better to normal sooner than later because the vaccines rolled out and it will be your turn before you know it. To get you out of that beauty rut, here is how to change up your look and feel even better about yourself than before.

Starting at the top is the easiest plan of action by visiting your hair salon. What always seems to give us more pep in our step than a new hairstyle or walking out of the salon with a fresh new hair color? In fact, you might want to go a shade or two lighter, which can also soften years from an aging face.

Visiting your dentist for a cleaning and perhaps professional whitening is something that can do wonders for how to change up your look to maximize beauty. This sounds simple, but the feel of clean and whiter teeth gives you more confidence and reason to smile knowing your teeth look their best.

This pandemic may have curtailed those trips to the gym or need to work out. You may even have lost that motivation to stay fit once working from home. However, pounds do sneak up on you, especially if your work attire now consists of stretchy sweat pants. Once normal life does return, you may want to start dieting and working out to drop that COVID-19 weight gain to fit back into your normal work clothes.

Shopping for new makeup that can play off that new hair color, a hairstyle or dazzling white smile is something else that can help improve beauty and your mental outlook. Page through magazines, blogs, social media networks with makeup tips to help inspire what look may be right for you. However, just because a fashion magazine may have models with outrageous applications of makeup that looks like something from Hunger Games doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead. Makeup should enhance beauty to give your face color, polish and definition and not serve as another wearable mask.

Look at yourself realistically and discover the new makeup colors of the season. Find your best features and emphasize them. Sometimes, just a fresh shade of lipstick can be enough for how to change up your look to feel better about your beauty.


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