Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Plan Ahead

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas Eggs, Fruit, Whole Wheat Toast

Regardless of how busy you are, breakfast is one of most important meals of the day that you don’t want to skip if you intend to stay healthy and focused mentally. However, if you always find yourself running late and out of the door without a good breakfast because you simply don’t have time, then let me share a few quick healthy breakfast ideas that you can plan ahead to solve that problem.

Eggs always make a great nutritious breakfast. This is especially true if you just prep those eggs ahead the night before. On those rushed days, try cracking how many eggs you normally eat and whisk them with salt, pepper and a little milk and pouring into a covered container to refrigerate them for just pouring into your pan to make scrambled eggs the next morning.

Hard-boiled eggs can also serve for quick healthy breakfast ideas. You can boil up a half dozen or so to keep on hand in your refrigerator. To save more time, peel a few and store in a covered container until morning breakfast. I love hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce, which can help speed up your metabolism.

Another of these quick healthy breakfast ideas is cutting up some of your favorite fruit such as a banana and/or apple for mixing with some Greek yoghurt with some berries, nuts, and wheat germ or cottage cheese.

Something else you may want to try is making oatmeal the night before and then reheating in the microwave. Though you can use quick rolled oats, you might want to whip up some steel-cut oats, which has lots more fiber, protein and less sugar than regular rolled oats. A delicious way to serve your reheated oatmeal is adding some applesauce and raisins instead of milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I do like to add a little sugar to sweeten, but it is very good with a pie-like flavor.

Smoothies are always a nutritious option. Another of these healthy breakfast ideas is doing all your prep work of processing the fruits and vegetables first, then draining the liquid before transferring to zip-lock bags for your freezer or refrigerator. When you are ready for breakfast the next morning, you take a bag from the freezer the night before or one from the refrigerator to finish by pouring in the liquids that you normally add to that smoothie.

What I shared here are just a few quick healthy breakfast ideas that you can plan ahead that can keep you from missing out on that valuable morning nutrition.


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