Conquer Weight Loss Without the Wrinkles: How to Retain a Youthful Look

Weight Loss Face Aging
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Sora Shimazaki

Weight loss is no easy task, especially if you have more than ten pounds to lose. As those pounds drop off for a more favorable number on your scale, you also might be noticing another change that may upset you with suddenly more wrinkles and fine lines after the weight loss. If so, then let me share the reason for this increase in weight loss face aging and how to counteract it to restore your beauty.

To make a long story short, the fat in your body also pads your face. Therefore, as that fat leaves the body, it also is lessening in your face. The plumpness that formerly shaped your face slims due to the lack of that extra fat found in the collagen within the connective tissues that raises the skin. The result can be a loss of that former youthful appearance by seeing more fine lines, wrinkles and sagging that can cause this problem.

This aging can be worse if you also tend to lose that weight too quickly. By the same token, yo-yo dieting where you drop and then gain back that weight can be devastating to a face, especially if you are in the habit of dieting that way.

Weight loss face aging can also appear more problematic for those that are older or suffering from faces with sun damage to exaggerate whatever wrinkles, sagging and fine lines are already on the face caused by aging or the sun. The rationale is both can speed up and destroy the depleting supply of elastin fibers within the skin. Without that elastin protein, the skin doesn’t have that snap back effect like its more youthful days.

As dismal as weight loss can be for the appearance of your face, there are also ways to help limit those unwanted effects. For instance, you may want to try a skin care product with hyaluronic acid for dealing with your additional fine lines. The reason this particular ingredient should be on your radar is because of how of much water it can hold within its molecule to reverse and fill that line.

Another way to counteract more serious aging is turning to retinol or a skin care product with bakuchiol acid, which is a botanical extract that acts like a retinol only without as much irritation. Ingredients such as those can help rebuild collagen over time if used regularly.

But, there’s more exciting news about limiting face aging after dropping some pounds that you should keep in mind. Various studies are finding fish oil may help due to how it works to safeguard the skin’s barrier function and handle UV-caused inflammation for the skin’s elasticity while repairing and healing it.

Weight loss face aging can be better controlled once you understand the reason and take these precautions to heart. Without a doubt, these few extra measures can help your beauty.


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