7 Of the Healthiest Beverages to Do a Body Good

Healthiest Beverages Matcha Tea
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One of the healthiest beverages is water, but there are others that are also beneficial for hydration as well as nutrients to improve our health. Therefore, I gathered up seven of the best and healthiest beverages that could do your body good.

Coffee tends to get a bad rap due to its caffeine. Depending on what year it is and how many cups of this beverage you consume, it can be considered either healthy or detrimental to drink. However, if you can limit yourself to one or two cups a day then there are several ways that you are helping your body besides making you more alert and able to concentrate. To begin with, the coffee in this amount daily can eliminate calcium that could be building in your coronary arteries due to its antioxidants.

As exciting as coffee is for that benefit, a study published by Cambridge University also showed that two cups of daily coffee with its amazing plant polyphenicals could help ward off Type 2 Diabetes. Here’s the interesting thing but a recent 2020 study even went further. It suggested that if you didn’t get much sleep and drank that amount of coffee followed by a sugary beverage in place of breakfast actually lowered blood sugar levels by one half compared to non-coffee drinkers.

Another of the best beverages at basically just 42 calories a glass that you may want to add to your diet is tomato juice. With its tremendous quantity of powerful antioxidants, particularly lycopene and vitamins C and E to safeguard cells, it can also decrease inflammation in the process, which is responsible for many diseases from blood pressure, cancer to high cholesterol. The only problem with tomato juice is checking product labels for the amount of sodium because they vary and can be high depending on the brand you select.

Green tea is still another of these beneficial beverages you can drink. The reason is because of the antioxidant EGCG that can help defend the body from a number of diseases from ones such as cancer, heart disease, etc. As beneficial as all green teas are, matcha green tea is the dominant champion since it has double the catechins than other varieties. You just have to start getting used to drinking this green powder that you stir in about a half teaspoon to a cup of hot water after beating through.

Tart cherry juice also has great potential in this list of the top beverages that you should be drinking. Did you know that it has magnesium, calcium and zinc as well as a wonderful source of potassium that can keep blood pressure in check? In addition, this juice can help fight inflammation and is particularly good for those watching their sugar intake since it is low on the glycemix index.

Healthiest Beverages Pomegranate Juice
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Pomegranate juice can benefit your body to fight off disease. Due to it extraordinary levels of antioxidants from its polyphenols, the pomegranate can outdo green tea several times over for defending cells and helping with inflammation that is responsible for a number of diseases from cancer, arthritis, diabetes, memory, etc. just to name a few.

However, the way this pomegranate juice works in the blood on harmful protein called Angiotensin converting enzyme is particularly helpful for those with high blood pressure. The reason it is so effective is because drinking it reduces the size of blood vessels to keep that unwanted ACE enzyme at bay.

Milk does not always go over well for a lot of people since it can be hard for some to digest or because of fat content of the type they like. Yet, they are missing some valuable nutrients for keeping bones strong from its calcium, protein and vitamin D. In this is the case, soy milk is a safer alternative for one of the healthiest beverages since it possesses a lot more protein and less starch when buying unsweetened soy milk than almond milk.

Coconut water may not be on your menu, but this it a sensational choice to consider due to all its naturally occurring electrolytes. Why would you care about electrolytes you may ask? Well, they can help give your body a better way to utilize the water that you drink for ultimate hydration. This could mean keeping you healthier since the nutrients from what you eat circulate as they should. In addition, you could see improvement to your skin and complexion even to easier weight loss.

These are just seven of the healthiest beverages that could help revamp your health and beauty. Give them a chance from your normal drinks such as sugary sodas and you just may surprise yourself at the change you feel and see in yourself.


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