Busting Weight Loss Myths: Top 3 Mistakes That Stall Your Progress

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When you are struggling to shed some weight, then you need every advantage to help with that goal. However, there are some dieting myths that you can hamper your weight loss efforts if you are not aware of them. Therefore, I wanted to help clear up a few misconceptions that can make a difference when confronted with your scale.

Weight Loss Myth #1: Restrictive Calorie Counting

Some people assume that you must stick to a set number of calories to eat a day to drop weight. Yet, this is one of these dieting misconceptions that can be confusing. As we know, losing weight depends on the number of calories you burn. For this reason, you might have used more calories of that set number through a vigorous workout or stress that would allow you to replace them with an equivalent amount.

Myth #2: All Calories Are Created Equal

Another of these myths is that all types of calories are the same. There has been interesting research done where three groups of obese participants were put on three different diets. The first group was on a diet that had more protein and low fat while avoiding carbohydrates like bread and pasta as much as possible. The second group had a low-glycemix index diet to follow that included vegetables, fruits, legumes, and healthy fat foods. A final group had a low-fat diet that was modeled around the American Heart Association choices, but with fewer fats while adding more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. To make a long story short, the low-fat group that eliminated as much of those breads, pasta and carbohydrates lost the most weight, especially for women. Given those findings, the types of calories really do matter for weight loss.

Myth #3: Cheat Days Hinder Progress

Treating yourself occasionally while dieting will not make you relapse and fail in your efforts, which is another of these dieting myths. Being too strict with yourself can often result in a downfall so it is better to reward yourself with that cookie, a small piece of pie or cake such over the weekend before returning to your regular diet behavior for the week. By the same token, you can also turn to foods that curb sugar cravings for extra strength.

Apple cider vinegar to help you lose weight is not another of these weight loss myths. According to the research and Harvard University, drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day in a tall glass of water while dieting for a period of at least 12 weeks can help you drop about two to four pounds. It can also prevent blood sugar spikes in how it blocks starch absorption, which is a good thing for those with prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.


Shedding pounds can feel like an uphill battle, but debunking these common myths can help you approach weight loss with confidence. Remember, but a healthy and sustainable approach is key. Don’t get bogged down in restrictive calorie counting; focus on making balanced choices throughout the day.

For those inevitable sweet cravings, reach for healthy snacks that satisfy that urge without sabotaging your progress. My post on healthy snacks for dieters offers a variety of delicious and guilt-free options to keep you on track.

Planning healthy meals doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out my post on healthy meal and recipe makeovers for inspiration on transforming your favorite dishes into nutritious choices. With a little planning and awareness, you can ditch the diet myths and embrace a healthy lifestyle that supports your weight loss goals.


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