Energy Foods That Can Keep You Going


Our choices of foods matter not only for overall health and well-being, but also for their contribution to our energy levels. Without the right nutrients we can feel more sluggish than we need to be. Therefore, then let me help you sort out the best energy boosting foods that can keep you going longer.

The reason not all foods are capable of such a task to crank up energy is because they differ in how the body processes them. For example, simple carbohydrates from sugar such as in cake, pies, candy, and fruits deliver instant energy at first but lose that effect a short time later. However, complex carbohydrates from sources such as whole grains, beans and vegetables have their glucose more evenly distributed instead for how they deliver that energy over spiking blood sugar levels. In order to keep the body’s blood sugar levels better balanced, it helps to eat smaller portions of the right food more frequently over larger meals or portions.

Eggs are one of the energy foods that you want to keep in mind. To begin with, one egg has just 70 calories and about six grams of protein that can satisfy hunger better and regulate blood sugar in a helpful way. Besides being diet friendly and excellent for those even with diabetes, eggs are chalked with wonderful vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats like choline to help improve memory.

Pumpkin seeds are another of these energy foods to add to a shopping list. The reason these seeds can help boost energy is because of their ample magnesium, which can help stimulate stalled blood sugar in the muscles to circulate through your system to invigorate. You can eat about 1/4 of a cup and benefit with about five grams of protein, zinc, calcium, fiber, vitamin A, and a plentiful supply of amino acids.

Energy boosting foods that have phytosterols such as pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, pistachios, walnuts, almonds as well and sunflower kernels can help free trapped carbohydrates and even out blood sugar for more efficient energy use as well. At the same time, phytosterols also help lower cholesterol.

If you don’t have enough iron in your blood, fatigue results. This is especially true for women. However, dark-meat poultry has heme iron that is easier for the body to absorb than a lot of other forms of iron in foods. It also has omega-3 fats, protein, vitamin B12, and zinc among its nutrients that can boost energy.

It can be challenging deciding what foods to eat, but sometimes rethinking your diet and menu can be all it takes to feel healthier and more energetic.


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