Fuego Box February 2021 Review to Fire Up Body Heat

Fuego Box February 2021

It is frigid outside! In my opinion, the best way to warm up the body’s furnace is turning to hot sauce to help stoke that internal heat. With a hot sauce subscription like my favorite Fuego Box February 2021 assortment, you can chase away that annoying cold in a most delicious way.

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Though you may think that all hot sauces are the same, I would disagree with you. Of course, all of them have different degrees of heat to bring to your palate. Nonetheless, each company has their own recipes using a variety of ingredients for unique flavors that I dare you to find locally that easily. To prove my point, let me detail what Fuego Box February 2021 has in store for this month.

After I opened my new Fuego Box, I was thrilled to find a chipotle sauce among my new trio. Even before I tasted this one for the first time, I knew I was going to love it due to my love of chiptoles. The one that received was from Fresco Sauce with their Chiptole & Habanero Hot Sauce. This one was delightful and a basic one with a medium heat and subtle sweet garlicky taste to set off its spices and orange habanero peppers when I tried it on my scrambled egg sandwich for lunch.

Chimney Rock Hot Sauce is a tangy sweet Asian habenero sauce with a hot medium punch with a smoky sort of quality to it that was delicious on fish. I made tuna patties yesterday and thought this one was a nice compliment to it.

Verde Hot Sauce from the Bottle Rocket Company is a mild to medium heat greenish jalapeno pepper sauce that is fresh and full of flavor from cucumber, lime and white vinegar. This is one that won’t overpower your tongue with heat. Instead, it is a versatile sauce that enhances the flavor of basically any food that you usually pour it over.

Fuego Box February 2021 was a wonderful month for the hot sauce selection that arrived. The price to subscribe is $29.95 per box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States. You’ll also find a card with details on each sauce and how to best to enjoy.

If you’re curious how unique this hot sauce subscription is, then visit the company’s website and give them a try. You might also want to read my review of Fuego Box January 2021 to explore that assortment as well. I honestly think you will love them as much as I do.


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  1. February 14, 2021 / 3:39 pm

    These would be heartburn city for me. Just looking at them burns. I watched cooking and they had to had HOT food though judges would die it was so hot. my great niece would love these she carries hot sauce in her purse

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