How to Get Younger Looking Eyes and Defy Aging

How to Get Younger Looking Eyes

Our eyes can be one of the first places that show signs of aging. Therefore, it is always to our advantage to take proper precautions in advance. Being on the defensive may not stop the aging process, but it can delay the inevitable. For this reason, here is what you need to know for how to get younger looking eyes.

Unlike other parts of our face, the skin around our eyes happens to be extremely thin. In fact, it is about 0.5mm thick compared to about four or five times more skin bulk in other areas. Once taken into account that we lose collagen and elastin more as we age, our blood vessels that were formerly better concealed beneath the skin, appear to surface more. The result is more chances of having dark circles or deeper ones that when younger. To make matters worse, allergies or having more pigment in your skin due to heredity can emphasize the darkness even more due to congested blood vessels and the area filling with blood.

Dealing with dark circles requires two steps. The first is turning to ingredients in eye creams that can help build up the thickness of that thin under eye skin. Ingredients that can help return depleted collagen that the skin has lost are ones such as peptides and retinoids, which can help bulk up that thin padding around the eyes while diminishing fine lines and crow’s feet.

The second step is searching for ingredients that also help with the dark discoloration in how to get younger looking eyes. This calls for searching for ingredients on those eye creams such as niacinamide and vitamin C for its brightening. At the same time, ingredients like vitamin K and caffeine can help those black circles in how they work with drainage of that pooled blood due to swollen blood vessels from sensitive eyes.

Another strategy is hydrating the area with more lubrication in how to get younger looking eyes. The reason this is so important is because specific ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides that help drawing moisture to improve smoothness and elasticity. Besides, the added moisture also helps prevent excess tugging on the skin when applying eye makeup or just rubbing your eyes.

The final step for how to get younger looking eyes is protecting that fragile skin from sun damage. Ingredients such as coenzyme 10, vitamin C and SPF when shopping for eye creams can guard that vulnerable skin from wrinkles.

Since the supporting structures of the eyes such as bone, muscles, ligaments, fat pads, etc. age differently, this only adds to our issues. We can notice more under eye bags, crepey skin, droopy lids to sunken eye sockets. Some of these problems we can remedy at home, but others are out of our hands and require medical expertise and procedures for how to get younger looking eyes.


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