How to Protect Hair While Sleeping and Ugly Hair

How to Protect Hair While Sleeping

Hair can have a mind of its own. Sometimes, we can go to bed and wake up with our hairstyle still intact. On the other hand, we can have days when sections of hair can be crushed or stick out everywhere like some comic book character. However, if you want to protect hair while sleeping and avoid ugly hair days the next morning and into the future because it can also affect its health, then read on how.

How to protect hair while sleeping starts by brushing your dry hair, preferably with a boar bristle brush. The reason this brush is better is because it has softer bristles than other brushes that may have nylon or other synthetic bristles. You don’t have to go overboard, but give your hair a gentle brushing with a few strokes to distribute scalp oils.

Something that you may not have considered doing is a 10 or 15 minute scalp massage. Not only does it help you relax before sleeping, it also has been studied to promote hair thickness. As unbelievable as that may sound, this is possible since those massaging fingers stretch hair follicles as they work. At the same time, the hair can grow faster since it improves blood flow to the scalp.

If you are attempting to protect your blowout while sleeping, you should try parting hair in the middle for two sections. Push one section of the hair behind your ears and gently twist it away from your face in a circular fashion before securing with a few bobby pins. You do the same thing for the other side. After you release the bobby pins the next morning, you’ll notice that you kept more bounce and gained a bit of added texture.

Another tactic for how to protect hair while sleeping is braiding it. The trick is not to make it tight, but a looser braid kept in place with a hair elastic band or a fabric scrunchie.

Those with curly hair know all the problems that can happen from frizzy wild hair the next morning. You might want to try using a little hair serum to help with control as well as shine before doing the same thing with separating the hair into two sections and twisting before sleeping or wrapping the hair in satin or a silk head scarf.

Your pillowcase also matters in how to protect hair while sleeping. Believe it or not, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes more friction for skin and hair since they don’t glide like they would on a smoother silk pillowcase. In addition, cotton type pillowcases absorbs hair oils to dry the hair out to cause more chances of breakage.

What I found that also will work is using some texture cream before taking my hair dryer to the hair and styling. Using my ceramic brushes to shape and curl can be enough to preserve my style the next morning. Sometimes, I do also lightly spray that finished look with hair spray to further protect it.

What I shared here are just some ways for how to protect hair while sleeping. You may or may not have other methods of how you go about keeping your hair from driving you crazy the next morning, but hopefully these will save you frustration with your hair in the future.


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