Scalp Massage and Benefits to Thicken and Grow Hair

scalp massage tool
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If you are disappointed with your hair with its thinning or just being too slow to grow, then a daily scalp massage is something that could help in those areas, especially for thickening the hair. There have been studies that have shown that as little as four minutes of working the pads of your fingers over the scalp is enough to stimulate circulation and blood flow to the area to those undernourished hair follicles. As promising as that may be, there are also additional health benefits of a scalp massage that may appeal to you just as much.

Instead of reaching for aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen the next time you get another tension headache for those that experience them fairly regularly, you may find that a scalp massage can bring that needed relief without resorting to any drugs. You’ll have the best results if you direct your massaging fingers in the back of the head toward the neck and shoulders. According to one study, if you continue to massage daily in this fashion will reduce the occurrence of those headaches.

Since kneading the scalp can help reduce stress, it also can lower blood pressure and steady a too rapid heart rate, which is another benefit.

With all that this type of massage has to offer, it can be another tool for both hair beauty and health that won’t cost you anything. Some people may like a head massage tool for this purpose. However, this is a personal preference. Therefore, you may be curious as to the best ways to start massaging.

To begin with, keep your fingers flat so the pads of those fingers can move in a circular fashion over your head using a medium amount of pressure. You’ll know how that touch feels as you work, but you can press a bit harder if needed. However, only you can judge how intense or mild that you need that pressure to be as you massage. The amount of time you devote to rubbing your scalp can range from four to 15 minutes.

Though you don’t have to buy anything special, you might find adding an essential oil along with a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to dilute it potency can improve chances of growing hair as well as thickening it. The essential oils that can help are ones such as cedarwood for what it can do for growth and preventing further hair loss, rosemary that can manage to assist with hair growth and thickness to peppermint essential oil that stimulates circulation and more blood to hair follicles.

What matters in regard to a scalp massage is being patient with regular daily massaging, especially if you are trying to get thicker hair. Results can take at least 24 weeks to see that hair improvement so hang in there.


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