Using a Face Mist–Why Or Why Not to Use One

Using a Face Mist

Some people consider using a face mist as a needless extra step and skin care expense. On the other hand, I wouldn’t dream of neglecting my complexion from the benefits that the right face mist can contribute for a beautiful complexion. Since I think so highly of this form of skin care, I’ll tell you why or why not using a face mist makes sense for the health of your skin.

To begin with, using a face mist can nourish the skin with healthy ingredients that are best suited for your needs such as rose water, plant extracts, green tea, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils that can give skin an extra advantage for more vitality. When you find the right one, a face mist can soothe, refresh, brighten, hydrate, and help make some of your heavier serums into a better consistency to keep from being overly greasy.

To be perfectly honest, I have been researching ingredients more and more over the years. I have noticed that the purer the skin care formulas are such as products with organic ingredients instead of a hoard of chemicals has helped my complexion thrive.

Even if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for an organic face mist, you need to still pay attention to the ingredient and the place of those ingredients in that list on the product or make your own homemade face mist to keep your skin as healthy as possible. For example, some face mists tend to have alcohol, which could overly dry your skin or fragrance that can irritate. Just remember, the closer the ingredient is at the top means the more of it is in the formula.

Another benefit of using one is how it can help lower stress and help with concentration due to addition of certain essential oils and fruit extracts in a purer formula. You can take out that face mist and nourish the skin while treating yourself to aromatherapy. However, you can’t say that is true when misting your face with one that has artificial fragrance.

To prove my point, lavender infused in a formula has a proven calming effect on the nervous system. Any form of citrus is what you want to look out to invigorate the senses for concentration. These are just two specific ones that can give you an idea.

Still, there is more from using one that I find helpful such as resetting stale makeup when you don’t have time or the opportunity to take everything off and start over. A gentle mist over the face can be a lifesaver at times like those.

Using a face mist is a personal preference and not a requirement for a skin care routine, but making it a part of your life can only further enhance the beauty of your skin.


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