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If you want to do something for your loved ones this Easter, a healthy meal delivery service such as Splendid Spoon is especially appropriate to send parents, family and friends this year with this pandemic going on. Imagine the looks on their faces when a big box of their delicious plant-based meals and smoothies arrive at their doors. It can help build up their immunity and show them how special they are to you to keep them safe until our world is back to normal.

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A wonderful thing about a healthy meal delivery service like Splendid Spoon that I want to mention is that they are experts at devising the vegan nutrition besides how they simplify life by saving time and bother with cooking. The meals and smoothies are also so handy by being able to stick them in refrigerator or freezer to later pop in the microwave or thaw.

You also may think that I am just exaggerating how much I like Splendid Spoon, but you would be wrong. When struggling with finding the right sorts of dishes to eat for improving health through vegan cooking can be hit or miss. Some recipes that you can try can lack that needed flavor or you would need to buy too many odd ingredients, only to find out later that you hate what you made. However, I have discovered so many different ingredients and herb and spice combinations in this healthy meal delivery service that I never would have expected to taste so sensational for expanding my menu.

To give you a better idea, let me tell me about the latest vegan box with two new meals that I received from their healthy meal delivery service. The first new one was their Vegan Meatballs & Marina, which was their best effort yet in how incredible it tasted. These vegan meatballs with their soy protein, pumpkin seeds, Parmesan cheese, and spinach in this sauce could easily pass as regular ground beef meatballs in tomato sauce with noodles. In my opinion, I suggest doubling up on or just ordering an entire box of this one is in order because you won’t regret it.

The Creamy Mushroom and Spinach meal was the second new noodles entree I enjoyed. This dish has spinach, mushrooms, coconut milk, rice noodles, cashews, and peas done in an exceptional way with garlic, oregano, and red pepper.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service Bowls

The Brown Rice Taco Bowl was also very good with its brown rice, black beans, kale, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, and such a well-thought out variety of seasonings that compliment the dish. This is another satisfying meal that does take longer to eat with those chewy pumpkin seeds.

The Vegetable Bolognese had mushrooms and wild rice in a tomato base, but it was just so so with me. I think this one could have benefitted from more seasoning.

Now the Roasted Cauliflower Bowl is fantastic comfort food with its chickpeas, spinach, cauliflower, sorghum, sesame seeds, dates, and currents among its ingredients. This dish has a subtle sweetness that is hard to resist.

As to the smoothies, the Cacao Almond Smoothie is really thick and delectable with pea protein powder, almond butter, banana, and cacao, which is the unroasted form of cocoa. The cacao nibs give it a nice touch, but I do recommend adding a little almond milk or milk to thin it down.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service Smoothies

The Mango Guava, Strawberry Goji, Mint Chip, and Orange Hibiscus Smoothies are ones that don’t disappoint either. Some are thicker than others, but I do like to add some milk even to rinse out my bottle because it is so tasty.

The body could also use a helping nutritional hand. This Splendid Spoon healthy meal delivery service offers a Wellness Shot that helps kick up energy with ginger, orange and lemon. Though a bit tart, I like this when working a long day to recharge.

Splendid Spoon also has their Detox Shot to flush out toxins with its kale, apple juice, spirulina, apple juice, aloe juice, and moringa. You may be turned off by its green color, but it has a good flavor.

With 15 different smoothies, 30 bowls of soups or grains and eight noodle bowls, Splendid Spoon can be just what you and your family need to keep healthy. The Splendid Spoon plans range from $65.00 for a weekly delivery of five smoothie choices. The second plan is $95.00 for a mixture of a weekly delivery of five smoothies and five soups or grain bowls. Then you also have the option of ordering, five smoothies, five bowls and one day of soup reset that has light soups for $135.00 per week. Right now is the perfect time to save $25 on whatever plan you select to get started with a healthy meal delivery service from Splendid Spoon. With this current sale, why wait to give them a try?


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