Caffeine Skin Benefits You Don’t Want to Ignore

caffeine skin benefits coffee beans

Though you may think caffeine from that cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is just what you need to get started every morning, it actually has some remarkable skin benefits that can boost your beauty as well. Being the case, let me fill you in on what caffeine as a skin care ingredient can do that you may not be aware of.

This naturally occurring chemical has some amazing properties that skin can take advantage of. First of all, caffeine has antioxidants for protecting, being a purine alkaloid to defend skin cells from premature aging from oxidative stress and environmental effects from harmful free radicals. Yet, what is even more to its credit is this specific type of purine alkaloid is very easily absorbed into the skin because it consists mostly of water-soluble nitrogen. At the same time, it offers the skin some antibacterial protection.

In the same way, caffeine can help with the skin rid itself of puffiness. The reason this is possible is because it is a vasoconstrictor that can shrink the width of blood vessels and that build up of fluid contributing to the swollen area such as your eyes. Due to how it works on constricting blood vessels, it also can help under eye darkness as it moves that fluid and pent up blood and assists in improved circulation in that area during that the process. In fact, look for an eye cream to compliment the caffeine for extra brightening with vitamin K or vitamin C.

Another interesting point about caffeine skin benefits is what it can do for dealing with cellulite since it has the power to temporarily tighten that dimpled skin and move out toxins through better circulation when used as a skin care ingredient in your cellulite cream to homemade coffee cellulite scrub from coffee grinds.

The truth is the caffeine has a lot of potential for its skin benefits that you may be ignoring. Therefore, you just may want to start reading your skin care product labels!


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