Fragrance Notes That Can Sexually Arouse

Fragrance Note That Can Sexually Arouse Kissing

Each of us reacts to fragrance differently, which is apparent by the types of scents we typically wear. However, did you know that certain fragrance notes that may be revolting on their own when added to perfumes can have the reverse effect to arouse the senses from how it works on the brain to hint at sweaty, hot sex? Being the case, here are what fragrance notes to look out for that can spice up your love life.

To stir sexual desire, animalic notes such as civet, musk, ambergris, and castoreum incorporated in a fragrance lend a dirtiness of hot lovemaking to the formula when combined with others. Though they can be derived from animal glands like civet from cats, musk from deer, ambergris from sperm whales, and castoreum from beavers, many companies now are using synthetic forms.

Indole notes are from white flowers such as jasmine, gardenia, orange blossom, and neroli. Through an average day, the scent from white flowers can slightly change their aroma from their floral sweetness due to indole. Alone that indole molecule smells like fecal matter, but the surprising thing is within those white flowers that same note gives the scent warmth to that floral sweetness.

Fragrance notes that can sexually arouse are also ones like sulfur notes. Think tropical fruit notes like pineapple, guava, bananas, and coconut to ones like grapefruit, strawberries and watermelon. Fresh those fruits smell delicious until they start to rot and take on that rotten egg smell. Then again mix it with other fragrance notes and magic can happen to make your olfactory receptors excited. As promising as sulfur notes are for their contribution to sexually arouse men and women, they also can attract the type of attention that you don’t want from bats. Therefore, if you’re planning to go exploring caves or visit an area with a huge bat population, you just may want to leave those perfumes with sulfur notes at home.

Oud or agarwood notes have that rich smoky wood quality rounded out with some sweetness when added to fragrance that can set the perfect mood with the haunting impression it imprints on the mind. The resin from this particular species of trees determines how much sensual earthiness it will continue to possess along with that luxurious leather quality.

Ambrox notes are the synthetic form of ambergris from that sperm whale. It has a salty sort of ocean smell against salt and sweaty skin. When combining with other fragrance notes, it works with your body’s chemistry to enhance your own natural scent.

Other sexy notes can be found in gourmand fragrances such as chocolate, cinnamon and ginger. They could stimulate a delicious memory to tempt your partner.

These are just a few sexy fragrance notes that may just fire up passion. Given that, I want to point out that each of us may not respond in the same way so keep that in mind. Nonetheless, these particular notes in perfume are a good place to start.


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