Love At First Book by Kate Clayborn Review

Love At First Book

After reading the first novel by Kate Clayborn, Love Lettering, I was immediately interested in reading her second book before it hit store shelves. Therefore, let me tell you about her latest book with this romantic comedy called Love At First and my thoughts in this review.

**Disclaimer:  This is a compensated post on behalf of She Speaks to provide my honest opinion.**

Love At First by Kate Clayborn is a contemporary romance of how love can develop even between the least likely people. The story revolves around Will Sterling that just inherited an apartment from an indifferent uncle that he hardly was close too. He wants to unload the apartment and concentrate on his work of being a doctor. However, he is soon in for a big surprise and a voice from the past that he once had a teen crush on, his unlikely would be a new neighbor, Nora that lives two apartments below.

Love At First Book Back

To Nora, the idea of his intention of turning his apartment over for a short term rental instead of joining the “family” as a part of the community gets her anger boiling. Therefore, she devises a plan of her own to stop him by making Will fall in love with the building or sabotaging him if he doesn’t come around.

The only problem with plans and two strong personalities is that what you never expect to happen always does as their feud eventually turns to love despite obstacles.

I found Love At First a cute book with heart. This is a read that opens the doors to possibilities that pain doesn’t always have to lock you within its depths forever. This novel is packed with tender emotions and getting through those difficult times instead of sad and painful memories dictating future happiness. Check it out here.


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