My Vaccine Adventure and Scoring My First Shot


I don’t know how lucky that you have been trying to get an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine, but it has been very difficult for those of us in Pennsylvania. My family and I have been trying to get on as many lists as possible and haven’t heard back to even go as far as getting through to schedule a time. However, everything changed last night when I checked my computer one last time before calling it a day.

We finally got notified that there were appointments from one provider at a location within a reasonable drive. Therefore, we immediately tried taking advantage of registering my mother, my guy and me. Although it wasn’t going smoothly scheduling a time at all. Each time slot filled before we could even make one. Finally, the stars must have been in alignment in our favor because one time slot was available so we registered my mother.

As swiftly as I could type and finish entering her information, I tried to set one up for myself next in the same time slot. To my dismay, it already filled. As I tried to find another, I kept getting one filled block after another until one later in that same day another was still left open, which I snagged.

This race and typing to get my guy’s vaccine time slot followed the same course. I repeated the same process of redoing the information in the time slot over and over until he finally was scheduled about two hours after that.

This was the best and closest location for that important vaccine. We went this morning and planned a long wait between those appointments with how they were spread out. Yet, I truly believe it was a miracle that once we got to this particular location that those people were marching out of there sooner than expected–including us.

For those people that are afraid of getting this vaccine, I strongly hope that you change your mind. This vaccine is free so price shouldn’t keep you from it. You’ll get asked a few questions, get the shot, stay for fifteen minutes to see if you’ll have any reaction, and then be handed a card with your date for your second vaccine.

My arm hurts slightly from my Moderna vaccine, but this discomfort is well worth it to protect me, family, friends, and the rest of people everywhere. To help fortify those antibodies even more, here are the best foods to boost the immune system that I plan to eat and share with you here.


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