Shiny Hair Others Will Envy in a Few Easy Steps

Shiny Hair
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ali Pazani

Some of us are luckier than others when it comes to always having shiny hair unless we rely on hair products like shine serums. The reason for this unfair difference is due to hair type and its unique shape. To get the upper hand, here is how to get shiny hair working with the hair heredity dealt out to you.

Those born with straight hair are the most fortunate. Since the natural oil or sebum that your head produces doesn’t have the same amount of difficulty as those of us with curly hair or waves as it flows from the roots down to the hair shaft, this hair type stands the best chance of benefitting with how easily that sebum coats the hair.

To keep that straight hair as glossy as possible, it helps to pay more attention not allowing a hair product buildup to disrupt that path of natural oil. Therefore, make a habit of using a weekly clarifying shampoo for enhancing the most days of glassy hair. If you don’t have a commercial clarifying shampoo handy, you can simply make your own by adding some baking soda (about two tablespoons) to your shampoo.

Another trick for how to get shiny hair regardless of your hair type is always rinsing with cold water or even using an ice cube after shampooing can lock in more of a riveting shine. The reason cold over hot water helps so much is because it does the trick to flatten hair cuticles.

Having oily hair doesn’t give those with it an advantage over dry or normal heads of hair in regard to polished looking hair. A head prone to oiliness can appear greasy instead of the sort of a desirable gleam that makes it look healthy. However, you can help it along by skipping daily washing and that habit of lathering up twice before finishing your shampoo.

Changing that shampooing routine can help encourage an oily scalp from replacing that lost natural hair oil with a fresh supply from the hair follicles sebaceous glands. If the hair still feels dirty, a dry shampoo or even some cornstarch to freshen up your head can help. You might also want to try my homemade cinnamon scalp treatment that I like to use before coloring my hair for how it clarifies, strengthens and even helps hair growth.

Normal and dry hair may also find adding the right supplements to their diets could be beneficial. The ones to especially consider are biotin, niacin, zinc (helps hair growth and boost immunity even from COVID-19 according to various studies), vitamin C, and vitamin D. I strongly encourage you to buy brands that have an industry standard of some sort on the label because supplements are not carefully regulated as they should be.

What else that help in how to get glistening hair is not using overly hot water when shampooing your hair. Otherwise, you risk damaging the hair and stripping the hair’s natural oil.

The same rule applies to the heat when using your hair dryer and styling tools. Use a low to moderate setting and protective thermal cream or spray to safeguard the hair and hopefully blowing with an ionic hair dryer and brushes. This treated coating on the ionic brush also helps for gently curling the hair as an extra advantage to what it does for shiny hair.


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