Why Are Hate Crimes in America on the Rise?

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Hate crimes are nothing new in America, but the problem keeps getting worse. Like a cancer, it reaches out and has been spreading its poison to cause violence against those of different races, ethnicities to religions. The latest victims of unjustified hate crimes to suffer are people of Asian descent, which paints a sad picture for what Americans must be like to our neighbors in the rest of the world.

I fail to understand why people need to attack other people just because they may look different due to their skin color to the shape of their eyes. People are people. After all, our country is known as the “melting pot” when you consider all the people that came here through our history. Some of us have white skin, black skin, yellow skin, red to brown skin with many combinations of all those colors in between to make us unique.

Our languages and religions can vary as well from what those that sailed from England on the Mayflower had practiced. Despite the differences, all people are the same beneath that outer exterior shell with the same internal system for bodies with blood, vital organs, minds, and wants and hopes for the future. What I am saying is that not one person is better than another despite how much money that they have in their bank account or their pedigree on the social registry to look down at another. There are those that use hate and anger like a powerful drug to strike at those they feel stole positions or are unworthy of entitlement to a place in society because they would ruin their neighborhoods.

Strange how people can hate and act upon their emotions with violent crimes. Remember that what you do to others is what you wouldn’t mind having them do to you. If all of us could only follow that one golden rule about how we treat each other, America would be great again–not otherwise!


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  1. Maryann D.
    August 31, 2021 / 2:39 am

    I do wish everyone could be more kind and compassionate towards one another. The hate crimes are getting out of hand and so sad.

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