Fuego Box April 2021 for Firing Up Taste Buds

Fuego Box April 2021

Despite the temperatures warming, I still use just as much hot sauce as during cold weather to kick up flavor and help speed up my metabolism. The other day my latest Fuego Box April 2021 arrived for this review and I couldn’t wait to start sampling my new hot sauce trio.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Some people believe that hot sauce is just bottled heat that probably tastes like ones that they had and might have hated in the past. Regretfully those people that dismiss hot sauces that easily have never tried Fuego Box and their artisan sauces to give the heat so many new dimensions to its flavor. In fact, I never knew there were so many different recipes until Fuego Box.

You might be smirking at the truth of that statement. If so, I will instantly clear that up when you hear about the three hot pepper sauces in the Fuego Box April 2021 assortment.

The first hot sauce was a mustard brown color called Quintana Roo from Clark & Hopkins that has a medium heat. This one has a citrus influence with orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit to garlic, coriander and habanero that brighten up the flavor to round out that heat nicely. I tried this last night on fish and it was delicious. Furthermore, I think grilled foods, sauces and dressings are other ways it would be perfect for.

Habanero Gold by Uncle Dougie’s Company is a golden-brown habanero pepper sauce with mustard and herbs without gluten, GMO, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors as well as no high-fructose corn syrup. This is a very hot one that I loved on my sandwich as a spread. You can use this one in dips, sauces, deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, dressings, etc.

Trinidad Blend 01 is from the Shaka Sauce Company. Though it has Trinidad scorpion peppers, I was fearful for the safety of my tongue. However, this is a classic spiced hot sauce with more of a medium heat than a fire starter. This one is very versatile and yummy on scrambled eggs.

Now you probably can understand why I love a hot sauce subscription like this April 2021 assortment and Fuego Box. Here is what last month’s box was like.

The price to subscribe is $29.95 per Fuego Box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States. You’ll also find a card with details on each sauce and how to best to enjoy. Check their website out!


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