How Exercise Can Improve Skin Aging and Glow

how exercise can improve skin aging

Many of us think of working out as a wicked means to an end in order to strive for better health and figure. However, exercise can also have benefits for skin care that go beyond glowing skin to improve skin aging as well. Here is why you may seriously need to reconsider taking exercise more seriously and fitting it into your life for beauty and health.

After all, putting your body through its paces through a vigorous workout elevates your heart rate and helps circulate more blood through your system while distributing oxygen to muscles. The reason exercise can improve skin aging is because that process of better blood flow and oxygen also helps the skin’s powerhouse of cells called the mitochondria to thrive. In simple terms, this means the skin is better equipped since it reinforces the skin barrier and hydration levels due to the fresh influx of oxygen bringing more proteins, lipids, DNA, and RNA to prevent further damage. In addition, exercise and this change in the mitochondria helps wound healing and cell repair since it also helps bring about more collagen to emerge. At the same time, this process helps lessen the accumulated UV-oxidative stress that mutations of a compromised mitochondria have left behind.

Another interesting thing is how sweating through exercise may also improve hair follicles to keep hair from falling out or graying to actual wrinkling. Be that as it may, more studies are still needed since most as far as hair as deep wrinkles are involved were done on mice.

Furthermore, exercise can improve skin aging from how it builds muscle mass and firms up formerly looser skin in the process. This is a great way to tone up sagging skin.

Though devoting time to exercise can interpret your plans, it gives us reason to hope and, perhaps, inspire us to exercise more.


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