How to Pick the Best Cooking Oils by Purpose

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Cooking oils do matter for how your recipes turn out. You may have been wondering why the one bottle that you use delivers successful results most of the time, but disappoints you at other times. The truth depends on how you plan to cook with that cooking oil because it can either enhance or distract from your efforts. With this purpose in mind, here is what you need to know about how to pick the best cooking oils by purpose.

For those occasions when you intend on frying, the best oils are ones such as canola oil, a vegetable oil or light or regular olive oil since they can take very intense heat and won’t alter the flavor significantly. Of this category, canola oil is superior to take the heat without being compromised such as in the case of a refined vegetable oil that could affect how healthy it is to cook with as well as the taste of the dish.

The only exception regarding vegetable oils is cooking with a cold-pressed pure plant oil instead of a processed plant oil or a mix of them to avoid hydrogenation. Ones that are particularly delicious, but not necessarily neutral in flavor is an oil like avocado oil that has a high smoke point of 520 degrees with its healthy monounsaturated fats and grapeseed oil with another high smoke point at 420 degrees.

The best oil for baking is canola oil. I have used corn oil and found that it doesn’t produce the same quality of baked goods compared to the canola oil. When making my oil pie crust, however, I find using regular olive oil is better for the flakiest crust. Yet, I don’t care for olive oil in cakes, breads and cookies since it makes them heavier. I also avoid using coconut oil for baking. Some people like to bake with coconut oil, but I think it is too expensive, hard to keep for very long, changes the taste, and not as healthy as once thought.

You might discover the quality and consistency of what you’re cooking or baking will improve when you reconsider cooking oils by purpose and how to pick them.


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