How to Survive Uncertainty When Life Sets You Back

How to Survive Uncertainty When Life Sets You Back

Life is like a constant journey that takes us to the oddest places. We navigate the paths before us with uncertainty, hoping we take the right ones. However, the end result of where we land can be out of our control at times to where we least expect to find ourselves. Confusion sets in to dominate our thoughts instead of allowing us to find a solution to take proper steps to steer our lives back to where we want to be.

Despite depression over these new changes to the situation, there is a way out when caught in a hard place. The first thing that helps is accepting what just happened. The reason this is so important is because it is reality and is something that you cannot change. It is normal to feel sad or angry when bad things to us, but staying in a rut and concentrating on the problem doesn’t help correct uncertainty. Instead, it paralyzes us from figuring out solutions that could be easier thought of with a clearer head.

This doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty for being human when those feelings happen. It’s just that we need to stop blaming ourselves. Whatever it is that you’re going through is hard and causing turmoil that is making you feel this way, but you’re stronger than you think. Tomorrow or the next day, you’ll be able to focus better.

During periods of uncertainty people often forget to take care of themselves as they should. How many times when stress sets in that some forget to eat, overeat or just fill up on unhealthy food choices? Proper nutrition matters for well-being of body and mind.

On the same note, sleep is just as crucial when living through periods of uncertainty. Some people oversleep just to avoid thinking of their problem while others miss those vital hours to help the brain and dream state help in problem solving.

When life throw curves to cause that uncertainty, you can’t rush a solution. However, you can create scenarios in your mind for how to proceed.

Uncertainty can also have us questioning our abilities to handle problems and feeling worthless. Ask yourself how you handled and probably conquered similar problems. You just may start to realize that you are more resilient than you think once you examine your own past.

Though not the easiest feat, moving past uncertainty involves gaining a sense of control. Without it, we lose balance and our way through unstable situations.


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