Organic Vinegar Drink for a Kinder Way to Health

organic vinegar drink

A package arrived at my door with a bottle of Bongiorno organic vinegar drink, which I was delighted to try. After all, I have a new appreciation for any form of apple cider vinegar since I began drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water twice a day to help with weight loss since it really works to whittle a body down. Therefore, you can imagine my curiosity about the taste of an artisan organic vinegar drink with balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar and natural fruit flavoring from apple and cinnamon.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure if this drink would be bitter like downing my apple cider vinegar and water mix or have a sweetness to it. However, I must confess this drink had a subtle sweet spicy quality to tone down some of the tartness.

Besides sporting a USDA organic seal, this Bongiorno organic vinegar drink also was a vegan product, non GMO verified, gluten free, low calorie of only 80 calories for the entire 16.9 oz. bottle while also containing no artificial sweeteners. The only sweetness came the natural way through fruit. Best of all, this drink has a “Mother” that is unfiltered for the purest vinegar form.

The Bongiorno company based in Italy, where this product was manufactured also has other varieties of this organic vinegar drink. There is an orange flavor, honey version, lemon and ginger, berries and pomegranate as well.

If you’re trying to include more apple cider vinegar for health reasons or to lose weight, an organic vinegar drink such as this one can help in your efforts. This is especially true if you can’t stand the taste of plain apple cider vinegar stirred into your water. The price is more than you might expect at about $8.99 for the same 16.9 oz. bottle on Amazon, which was the least expensive place to buy where I spotted it.


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