Saving Time in the Kitchen With Cooking Hacks You’ll Love

Saving Time in the Kitchen Chopping Onions
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Let’s be honest, home cooked meals take a lot of time. If there is a way for saving time in the kitchen, I couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, there are plenty of other things that I would rather be doing or need to do where that time could be better spent. With the kitchen hacks that I want to share with you, you also will find that cooking from scratch is so much easier and frees up more leisure time.

Most recipes call for onions and garlic. Some people say that they do not use them. However, I would be lost without them to flavor up my dishes. Knowing that I always use them in my cooking, I chop onions prior to needing them.

Though you can buy fancy containers to store them in, I use clean peanut butter jars to keep in my refrigerator. Other friends I know freeze their chopped onions in zip-lock storage bags, but I prefer keeping them in the refrigerator. When it is time to start to cook dinner, I just save myself a step and reach in for my onion jar.

Chopped garlic I treat a bit differently. After mincing several bulbs, I store the chopped garlic in a covered jar with oil before refrigerating.

How many times do your recipes call for broth? When soup making, I like to freeze some chicken or beef broth in ice cube trays first before depositing them in a zip-lock bag. This hack is so handy for saving time in the kitchen because all needed is to pull out that bag for as many cubes as I need for my recipe.

Pasta can be precooked partially, stored in the refrigerator and then later boiled to finish cooking for saving time in the kitchen for spaghetti dinners.

Though my recipes may call for a certain amount of raw rice, I always like to cook extra that I can store in my refrigerator. Cooked rice is so convenient to have on hand for casseroles when you have leftovers. Besides that, cooked rice reheated in the microwaves is delicious for breakfast with milk and sugar as a cereal.

Saving time in the kitchen doesn’t lower the quality of the food that you are preparing, but it is the self-care we deserve. For more kitchen prep tips, you also might want to read my earlier post.


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