8 Unexpected Uses for Rubber Bands That May Surprise You

Unexpected Uses for Rubber Bands Ball
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – evondue

Something that most of us keep around the house is a collection of rubber bands. We use them in traditional ways to keep things together for better organization. Yet, rubber bands can have unexpected uses that you may not realize. Here are just a few of my favorite rubber band hacks that may surprise you.

Don’t you hate when a pump dispenser for hand or body lotions or even liquid soaps releases too much when pressing the pump down? Using one around the spring mechanism will give you more control of the amount coming out. This tip is so handy especially if you have youngsters that are always making you refill the soap containers with fresh bottles.

Have you ever noticed shirt collars can sometimes feel too restricting around the neck? I know my guy complains about that at times when wearing dress shirts. However, an easy fix to loosen the fit around the neck of that collar is using a gum band at that location before buttoning.

If you’re pregnant and want to save some extra money instead of buying maternity jeans that you might not wear again can be solved by the same method. All needed is to attach one to that button and loop it through the button hole. You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable these stretchable bands can make the fit.

Jars can be a problem to open occasionally. Being the case, you can stop exerting more energy than you need trying to make the lid budge simply by placing a gum band around that lid. For some reason, rubber bands provide you with a better grip for easier opening.

You can keep flat glass lids on some older Pyrex dishes from slipping off by attaching rubber bands to each side. This fix makes it easier to store in the refrigerator and keeping the liquids locked inside.

Surprisingly, you’ll also find they can help you in a pinch if you lost the metal fastener from a pair of pierced earrings. What you do is to cut a square from the rubber band and then stick it through the earring post to serve as backing as a makeshift new fastener. You’ll be able to continue wearing those earrings that you may have, otherwise, be unable to use.

Cutting boards can be slippery at times when you’re busy chopping. An easy remedy to steady the movement is using these stretchable bands across the cutting board at the top and bottom. Doing this simple fix will solve that frustrating tendency for your board to keep moving as your hand works.

Young siblings may like to throw balls at each other’s heads, which can result in crying from their rowdy pranks. Nonetheless, you can limit the damage by making a ball out of them that is light enough to toss without inflicting pain when the children are having their fun with each other.

Being thrifty doesn’t have to hard. It just takes a little creativity and thought to repurpose some things like rubber bands, old odd socks, bobby pins, pennies to dental floss to name a few. Hopefully, these unexpected uses for rubber bands will come in handy and help in your own life too.



  1. Vince K
    July 3, 2022 / 1:16 am

    Did the author grow up near Pittsburgh PA? That is where I grew up and we always called them “Gum Bands”. I have never met anyone from anywhere else in the country that used that term.

    • nuts4stuff
      July 3, 2022 / 6:04 am

      Hi Vince,

      We called them by both names.

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