Vaccine Hesitancy Is a Big Problem


Vaccine hesitancy to solve a global pandemic is something that should concern all of us if we expect to ever fully return to normal life. Some people are afraid of potential health risks such as blood clots since a few women developed them and one died, which is understandable considering how fast these vaccines came out. This is especially alarming for people with a family history of blood clots for one. However, we don’t just have one vaccine but three to choose from.

On the other hand, vaccine hesitancy can also be explained to a bad reaction after the first injection required for the two needed for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. To be perfectly honest, my relative hardly could walk with a delayed reaction some eight days after that first Moderna shot, but a severe allergic reaction would have meant a shot of epinephrine. Regardless, I was very concerned what the second vaccine may do since no one that you call can predict what to expect. I kept hearing how many people experienced worse symptoms after the second injection.

Though it gave us reason for concern, vaccine hesitancy was out of the question. After all, what would be worse to take a chance of losing the initial benefits building protective antibodies in the system from a disease that could kill or allowing the virus better access? If a bad first vaccine experience is causing hesitancy to follow up with your second vaccine, then let me tell you that our symptoms were just a mild sore arm for about two or three days. This surprised us all. Therefore, vaccine hesitancy out of fear the worse is yet ahead from what others claim is to come is not always the case. What you experience could be milder symptoms than the first vaccine.

Vaccine hesitancy for those two reasons makes logical sense, but how would protection with a vaccine from possible death or the inability to breathe or later developing lasting symptoms considered unpatriotic? Idiotic I can see, but how is avoiding this vaccine patriotic protecting “freedom?” What freedom are these confused people referring to–freedom to go forth and infect the rest of us?

Being patriotic would be taking the vaccine for the good of all of us–their fellow citizens. Living is the right and freedom that all the people deserve not the selfishness of others refusing to put the welfare of all first instead of their own.

When I hear politicians refuse to believe the science and continue to spout lies about getting a vaccine in the guise of freedom, I want to scream. What is wrong with those people trying yet another attempt to brainwash their loyal followers? I say the reason they do it is because of power. I just wonder how many of those that rant and rave about vaccines to encourage hesitancy got vaccinated in private? Surely, these politicians are not as stupid as they sound or are they?


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