Why an Attitude Adjustment Can Improve Your Life

Why an Attitude Adjustment Can Improve Life Arguing Couple

Many people are too blind to see their true personalities for what they are. Instead, they believe whatever words or actions they have taken are always right. However, there is not one of us that is perfect even though we don’t like to admit it. Regretfully, this failure to take responsibility for what was said or done can cripple relationships with friends, family, lovers, employees, workers, co-workers, and basically everyone that you deal with if this problem is not addressed. But if you want your life to change for the better, it is YOU that has to change with an attitude adjustment.

A common problem is being too stubborn and difficult to see another’s viewpoint. While you may have more expertise on the subject or knowledge, it may hurt to automatically dismiss their opinion. Perhaps, they have a point to their argument that you may have missed. Finding common ground at times can help avoid bitterness and hatred. You also may find giving a little doesn’t weaken your position but only strengthens the respect they have for you.

The habit of constantly criticizing people doesn’t endear you to them. Strangely enough though, many use it like a sword to wield over others to cut them down. Thinking they are more important than they are, these people use it to exert power. Without realizing it, they are also alienating those they wound whether deliberately or not with their obnoxious comments. Therefore, the only solution is an attitude adjustment to change this by following the golden rule to treat others the way you want to be treated. Take baby steps if you must, but tone the criticism down by also finding something to praise that person with as well.

Being too sensitive as a result of what others say or can do, does have a devastating impact on your self-worth and life. Not one of us appreciates negative comments because they are only that–words. Learning to shrug negative comments off may seem impossible, but it can be done. In fact, it shows that you matter. Otherwise, you might say that you aren’t important enough for that person to notice. You can use sometimes use negative criticism to your advantage to overcome feelings of worthlessness by tweaking appearance, habits, work, etc. to outshine that critic.

Some people are more dominant to the point of pushing others around to control situations and projects. For instance, your church may be planning a rummage sale that you volunteer to help with. Once you get involved, you automatically start delegating orders to the rest of the group. Just because you may have sold at a flea market or have a husband that runs a large business doesn’t give you that right to immediately take over. You’ll win more friends if you held back that urge. An attitude adjustment that could help would be contributing some pointers to the group besides listening to ideas from others is a wiser course of action before voting on the best plan.

Selfishness is a personality trait that you don’t want to harbor. Sometimes, it is methodically done to save that person work or time. After all, this type of person can be of the mindset that no one needs besides their own matter. Your excuse might be that your schedule is too full or that there is always someone else to handle whatever was asked of you to bother. However, this is unfair and abusive to others that have equally busy lives and also may be giving up time or work. Realizing all involved are contributing to do their part for the best outcome for that person or group should be where your focus lies.

You might think that nothing is wrong with your personality, but hopefully you will keep on open mind the next time life doesn’t go as planned. Just remember that everyone can benefit from an attitude adjustment once in a while, including YOU.


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