How Mugwort Benefits Skin for Boosting Beauty That You’ll Love

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay – Hietaparta

Mugwort is a Korean medicinal herb that has a long distinguished history of use dating back to ancient Korea for its healing properties. You’ll find it in homeopathic remedies to treat conditions such as digestion problems, nervous conditions, menstruation, and itching. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties along with its protective antioxidant properties, mugwort for skin has excellent beauty potential.

What is especially interesting about mugwort is how its plentiful vitamin E provides the type of soothing, gentle comfort and moisture that can satisfy all skin types. Since it helps with inflammation and itching, those with skin problems such as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis may find this herbal ingredient in skincare products the relief that they are seeking. As a result of how it works, the irritated, red skin has a chance to better heal.

Since this herb can help troubled skin rid itself of bacteria and deal with the related inflammation before the healing stage that often causes scarring, it could have potential benefitting those with acne. However, there is no concrete evidence as of yet to state this with certainty. Studies are still under way.

Aging skin would be drawn to this herb in their skincare for its protection against free radial damage. At the same time, this herb also has camphor, pinene, and cineole among its upper plant ingredients in addition to its antioxidant to heal comprised skin and stimulate collagen.

As remarkable as all those benefits for skin may be, there is something else that I want to point out. If you happen to be allergic to ragweed, then you probably will want to avoid mugwort since it is related to that allergen.

Though mugwort for skin may not be perfect for everyone, this aromatic healing herb ingredient in skincare products seems promising for boosting beauty. Therefore, you may just want to keep an eye out for it when scanning skincare products labels and see for yourself if it lives up to its hype.


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