Hair Falling Out and Solutions to Conquer Hair Loss

Hair Falling Out on Brush
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Hair falling out is something that happens to all of us. However, some of us are prone to more hair loss than others starting in the early twenties. In fact, it is common to lose as much as 100 hairs a day without thinking that you’re going bald. Female pattern hair loss effects practically all women to some degree or another through aging. Only when you can gather up a handful of hair or can see a noticeable section of your scalp do you have reason for concern.

Thanks to our unique female hormones, you may start to notice more of a hair loss problem during pregnancy, which is common two or four months after having the baby. The reason for this type of hair loss is while pregnant the hair follicles rest instead of going through normal shedding due to the change in those hormones.

Following each pregnancy, your thyroid can also cause more hairs falling out besides weight gain. A blood test can determine the cause of postpartum thyroiditis so it should be something you should consider.

Speaking of pregnancy, thinner hair and loss of it can be attributed also to an iron deficiency. Hair falling out because of that insufficient mineral is more common if you have your babies close together or with multiple births. Vitamins can help reverse this type of hair loss.

The good thing about hair falling our from pregnancy is that the problem of considerable hair loss resolves itself in a few months following the birth.

Perhaps, you are not pregnant and are on birth control pills. When you start them, you may experience some hair shedding. This is usually a temporary problem until the body gets adapted to the change.

If you decide that you want to get pregnant and off birth control pills, then this type of hair problem is also normal. You’ll probably have to live with hair loss for about six months until your body stops remaining in that resting period to let those hair follicles thrive again.

Life never comes with guarantees as to what our futures will hold. While our goal once married is living happily ever after, people divorce, separate or die, which can be a major stressor for hair fall. Another terribly stressful life event that can impact the health of your hair is losing your job or learning you need an operation or a serious illness. The reason is because stress is redirecting all that negative energy to other organs instead of hair follicles.

By the time women hit menopause around fifty or so, hair can sometimes fall out by the handful from androgenetic alopecia. You might also notice vacant spots near the front hairline or the part. The sooner that you think this might be the cause of your hair loss, then make an appointment with your doctor because you may need medication to deal with the inflammation of the hair follicles that could help.

Being more aware of what is normal in regard to hair falling out can save you from needless worrying or the need to follow up with a visit your doctor.

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