How to Make Exercise Fun Instead of Boring

How to Make Exercise Fun

Exercising is good for more than body shaping. It can improve health and send our brains a happiness boost to energize our spirits, especially when stress or depression sets in to darken our moods. Yet, exercise is not always fun. Instead, getting the heart rate up through a workout can be hard when you are not used to regularly exercising. But here is how to make exercise fun instead of considering it a chore to change your perception and possibly motivate you.

Giving your mind another place to go by playing music while working out is helpful over concentrating on just the number of repetitions for an exercise that you need to do. In fact, find your favorite upbeat tunes and create a playlist that can carry you through your exercise routine. Your mind will be more distracted from the thought of how you’re exerting yourself. As your body will move to the beat is how to make that exercise more fun.

Watching television while riding that stationary bike or spending time on the treadmill is another way to put more enjoyment into a tedious workout. After all, the brain is able to multitask listening while the body exercises. You may need to exercise, but at least you reward yourself with pleasure as you go about it can make it more fun.

Most of us can agree that an exercise routine can be boring even when we have our favorite music playing in the background. The best way to make exercise fun is alternating your routines. You can even switch off a day or two with another form such as dancing, running, boxing, biking, walking, jogging to strength training to keep boredom from setting in.

If you have a dog, then take a walk with your buddy and try going further each day. You just may find that change of scenery can take your mind off of the reason that you are walking and turn exercise from a chore into fun. Seeing improvements in your figure and your pet’s fitness will only motivate you to walk more and further.

Another tactic to make exercise fun is involving the whole family by making a game out of it is how to turn boring around. Try jumping rope with your children, tag, playing with a hula hoop can inspire you to be more active and enjoy yourself as well.

Something else to try is this game. You’ll need some index cards. Write a different exercise that you do on each card. On some other blank cards, write the numbers from two to 25. Next, make each family member or divide the family into two-person teams and have that person pull out a card from the exercise stack and another from the numbered repetition stack to show how many movements are in that challenge. The workout becomes a competition as your family members work too win with higher scores.

Hopefully, what I shared will give you and your family more incentive to exercise and reason of how to make a boring chore more fun.


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