Excessive Sweating Causes You May Want to Explore

Excessive Sweating Woman

We all sweat to some degree or another. But when sweating becomes excessive, then it is another story that you want to keep to yourself instead of sharing with the world. You may think it is just because you’re nervous, upset or just inherited this condition from birth. However, excessive sweating also could have underlying causes that may require medical attention to help solve this problem.

The first is called primary hyperhidrosis since it is caused by extreme changes of your body’s temperature such as the heat that rises to your face when over excited, anxious or angry. This sudden change in body temperature can also happen from working out physically. Still, a third possibility is your reaction to a new medication that can cause the body to overheat.

The second type is called secondary hyperhidrosis, which can occur because of a medical related issue.

Though you can perspire wherever your skin has pores, the majority of this type of offensive excessive sweating happens in the armpits, soles of the feet, palms of the hands or the groin. Beyond wetness, the smell is far worse because a lot more bacteria and yeast are at work.

To begin with, excessive sweating could clue your doctor into checking thyroid function for an overactive thyroid. It can also be a sign of low blood sugar. In those instances, your physician may want you to get a blood test for those possibilities. Another explanation could be some abnormality in the nervous system that also would need further testing.

Women also could experience excessive sweating symptoms due to some changing hormones from pregnancy to menopause. It can also occur in that period slightly before the female cycle stops.

Then again, you can also have excessive sweating due to a fever from an infection that your doctor could treat.

Most likely, excessive sweating is not comfortable. Fortunately, it is a condition that can be managed.


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