Hilife Handheld Garment Steamer Review for Making Wrinkles Disappear

Hilife Handheld Garment Steamer

This time of year many of us are making plans to go on vacation. If you hate unpacking your suitcase to discover wrinkled clothes, taking a handheld garment steamer such as the Hilife model sent to me with you can solve the problem.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The best part of the Hilife handheld garment steamer is that it is easy to pack being just 1.7 pounds so it won’t take up that much room in your suitcase. Furthermore, it has a larger capacity water tank that can keep steaming for about 14-18 minutes, if you need to do the whole family’s outfits. I also liked how fast this 700W steamer could heat up within a few minutes about two or three as well as the longer length of the power cord at 9.24 feet.

The Hilife handheld garment steamer also has a cup to measure the water and a fabric brush. Like most others, the company recommends using distilled or demineralized water to fill the tank for prolonging the unit’s life. However, when traveling you may not want to waste suitcase space on packing distilled water. You can always use tap water and if you ever notice sediment from a mineral buildup from the water, then clean it out with some white vinegar and water. You’ll use one part of the vinegar to four parts of water to run through the steamer while heating up just like you do when cleaning your coffee maker.

Besides being handy when traveling, I loved how helpful it was for steaming out some wrinkles from drapes. I never bothered using the fabric brush attachment just went with the steam nozzle. Nonetheless, it directed that steam sufficiently to smooth out those few bothersome wrinkles.

I have another steamer, but I really think I like the Hilife handheld garment steamer much more for performance. In fact, I was further surprised with this product’s warranty. The booklet says the warranty is one year, but on the Amazon website it specifies a three-year warranty, which is even better than expected.

Seriously, if you hate ironing or thinking about going vacation, you really might want to consider stopping at the company’s website store on Amazon to check the Hilife handheld garment steamer out. It currently retails for $22.94.


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