How to Get the Best Results From Any Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

woman combing deep conditioning hair treatment through hair
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – cottonbro studio

Hair conditioners can rescue damaged troubled hair and coax it back to life. However, if you want to get maximum benefits when using any deep conditioning hair treatment, there is more to it than just applying as you normally do. Recently, I discovered the best way to get better results with increased shine, softness and manageability just by altering a few small things to my routine.

Usually, many of us shampoo, rinse and blot the excess moisture before using any deep conditioning hair treatment. We coat the hair and leave the product on for the recommended time wrapped in our towel to allow it to work before rinsing it out. Afterwards, the hair is softer and with more gloss than before conditioning.

The type of shampoo matters if you hope to expect maximum absorption from the deep conditioning hair treatment. Using a clarifying shampoo or adding some baking soda to your regular shampoo to act as one will take all the hair styling product residue lingering on the hair to allow a better base before using the conditioner. Instead of leaving some of the styling product buildup, the deep conditioning treatment will be able to better penetrate and coat each strand.

I color my hair and only use a color-safe shampoo formula instead of one for clarifying to avoid stripping my hair color. You’re probably wondering how would I know since I color my hair. Well, I decided to give it a try since it was nearly time for a fresh coloring to see how much of a difference it would make. I didn’t think it would make such a drastic improvement to my past deep conditioning hair treatment experiences, but I was wrong.

If you have virgin hair, then remember to substitute a clarifying shampoo over your normal shampoo before using any deep conditioning hair treatment the next time. Of course, saturate your head thoroughly and work from the ends up and not the top of your head down. A wide-tooth comb can help you get that conditioner spread more evenly.

You also will find it helps to wrap your conditioned head in some cling wrap before your towel turban or a shower cap while waiting for the product to work due to how the plastic provides heat for locking in increased moisture.

These small changes may sound insignificant, but you will be surprised at the beautiful results.


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