Review: Petit Pot Pudding That You Need to Taste

Petit Pot Pudding

Once I sampled Petit Pot Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, I became an instant fan of all the delicious decadence packed into each small jar of their authentic French pudding. As you can imagine, I was only too thrilled to find another shipment of their amazing Petit Pot pudding was delivered to my door for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Inside my box, Petit Pot included a variety of their other French pudding flavors for me to sample for this review. Among them were Salted Carmel, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and their plant-based Vanilla organic rice pudding.

In comparing the Petit Pot Milk Chocolate Hazelnut French pudding to their other varieties, I can tell you that the silky smooth texture of the others was thicker. It was not overly thick that it would cling like a compact soft mound to your spoon, but just the way I like it for that velvet glide as your tongue laps it up while savoring it in your mouth.

The Dark Chocolate flavor was intense and satisfying for any chocoholic like yours truly without being too sweet to distract from the depth of chocolate present in this French pudding.

The Salted Caramel French pudding from Petit Pot was not to be missed in my book with all that burnished caramel flavor for that sweet and salty combination.

Petit Pot’s Vanilla Bean pudding possessed a rich vanilla flavor that elevated that creamy texture into another indulgent dessert that you’ll want to eat slowly.

The last variety of French pudding was Petit Pot’s Vanilla organic rice pudding. If you love rice puddings, then you’ll especially enjoy their plant-based recipe with Madagascar vanilla.

Besides how extraordinary Petit Pot pudding tastes, I also appreciate the small size of their glass jars for their desserts. You can eat them at 230 calories each without hating yourself later for all the calories that you just consumed.

My advice is visiting the company’s website to order your own Petit Pot pudding or to find store locations locally. I just know that you are going to love their desserts as much as I do.


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