The Curious Relationship of Gut Health and Anxiety

Gut health

Anxiety and stress cause changes in the brain that affect not only the mind, but the entire system of the body, including the digestive system. To relieve those negative feelings and pressure, we usually turn to relaxation techniques and other ways to deal with the problem. However, the condition of our gut health and anxiety may play a larger influence in how fast or slow we recover from those symptoms. This is why it is important, especially for those times when feeling anxiety closing in to maintain proper gut health.

Studies have linked this bond between gut health and anxiety. This connection of the brain to the gut is referred to as the enteric nervous system or gut-brain axis since it has the power to control the central nervous system and relay those messages to the gut microbia. The balance of healthy gut bacteria can be interrupted from new incoming chemical changes to cause inflammation that manifest physically and mentally. Therefore, what remains in that digestive track does affect anxiety more than you might have thought.

Being the case, you may find it helpful to clear out that digestive system with some fiber drink, a gentle laxative or a low enema. This is not medical advice, but just some common sense. Afterwards, you should try including more high-fiber inflammation-fighting foods and probiotics to your diet in order for healthy gut microbia to flourish. Needless to say, you also need to be careful of inflammation aggravating foods. These defensive measures can give you an upper hand.

A healthier digestive track could mean less anxiety, depression and bouts of stress as well as possibly lessen the severity of those symptoms to better cope when problems spring up. At the same time, you might notice that nausea, constipation, tightness in your chest just thinking about that upsetting issue, etc. may also improve.


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