The Good Hurt Fuego Hot Sauce June 2021 Review

the good hurt fuego hot sauce

The best way to spice up summer flavor is adding a little savory heat to your dishes and recipes. My favorite way to add that good hurt to flavor is with the endless variety of Fuego hot sauce such as what my latest assortment brought for June 2021 from this subscription box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Anyone that never tried the difference an artisan hot sauce can make for that kind of good hurt such as what to expect from Fuego is really missing out. In fact, I never realized how many different recipes there can be revolving around hot peppers and various spice combinations until I discovered this hot sauce subscription.

If you assume that all hot sauce basically tastes the same because of past experiences from what you picked up at the grocery store, then you would be dead wrong. Therefore, let me fill you in on what types of hot sauce Fuego sent for June 2021 to spice up summer to usher in that good hurt.

Mule sauce by the Sticker Mule Company is for the hot sauce afficionado that lives for intense heat with its blend of red habaneros, ghost peppers and scotch bonnet peppers. Surprisingly though, this one has a mild sweetness followed by that zesty kick of fire. This one was delicious on a grilled burger, but it would probably go well on any type of meat, fish or poultry.

Dirty Bird’s Swett Sauce Ghost is another that packs robust heat that is hidden between spices like ginger, sesame and honey to add another dimension to ghost peppers. I tried this one on my scrambled eggs and enjoyed it. Next time, I am going to try this one on tuna patties.

Double Take Scotch Bonnet is from the Salsa Company. This one is a Caribbean style sweet hot sauce with a mustard influence. This dark yellow-colored hot sauce has more of a medium heat from its yellow scotch bonnet peppers that subtly sneaks up so not to overpower the delicious sweet tang it has. I thought it was so good on hard-boiled eggs. It also would be perfect for salad dressings, marinades, bean recipes, meat, chicken, and fish.

If you want to give your taste buds a treat, rev up a slow metabolism and alter your recipes to spice up your summer with good hurt, Fuego hot sauce can help. The price to subscribe is $29.95 per Fuego Box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States. Inside you also get a card on each hot sauce and how best to use them so check their website out.

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