Wash and Wear Hair Ideas for Easy Summer Beauty

Wash and Wear Hair

Giving up the hair dryers, hot irons and hot rollers during this hot summer season and replace with wash and wear hair can keep it healthier while having fun. After all, heat from those styling tools and the sun can damage it and gradually strip hair color. Since this is just our luck, it helps to consider styles for wash and wear hair that are right for your hair type for low maintenance, but beautiful hair.

Those with thin, straight hair have more difficulties than other thicker textures due to less protein in each strand’s texture. The best low maintenance hair style is getting it cut with a soft, layered bob or a modern shag. Furthermore, there are several tricks that you can use from letting the hair dry slightly before adding your favorite hair styling product from gel, texture creams or mousse. Afterwards, just scrunch your hair and let the hair dry naturally. You’ll get some great waves and curls through those layers.

Be careful of the ingredients in those hair styling products if you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun because some brands have more alcohol than others, which can cause brittleness. Here’s something that may come as a surprise. Most alcohols are drying like ethanol, isopropyl propy, lauryl, etc. However, a fatty alcohol like cetyl alcohol does the opposite for hair or skin since it can hydrate due to the palm or coconut oil in its formula.

You can let the hair air dry somewhat, then add some mousse to the layers to bulk it up more and finish. Another suggestion after the hair is partially dry is to turn it under with round hair brushes, as it naturally dries to shape the bob without resorting to heat from your hair dryer.

Thick hair can be easily solved for easier summer beauty through a ponytail, allowing it to hang straight after shampooing when air drying or wrapping your hair, which all work wonderfully for those with longer hair.

If you have curls and waves, a simple solution for low maintenance wash and wear hair after washing is to blot with a towel to remove most of the moisture first. Next, apply your conditioner alone or with styling product from the root to the ends and twist with fingers before using creaseless bobby pins to form curls. These are the ones with rubber tips that won’t crease the hair and cause it to unduly kink. What else you might want to try is using duckbill clips to pin the hair up the crown, which has a knack to give hair more height when it finally dries.

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