Windows 11 Free Update That Won’t Happen for Many

Windows 11 Update Computer problems

Microsoft just announced a few days ago that Windows 11 will be out soon and it should be FREE for Windows 10 users. They have a nice tool you can download and test your system to make sure it will work on your computer.

I did that and that free bait Microsoft dangled won’t be for me! So Microsoft is apparently trying to spur PC sales by pushing out a new operating system you will want and eventually be required to run. When you find you can’t use this, it’s off to the store . . . until they do this all over again in a few years.

Microsoft won’t support Windows 10 forever. Maybe another four years and it will be time to dump your PC. Seriously the end of life for the current version of Windows will be in 2025 per Microsoft’s site.

Remember Windows XP and how you had to buy a new computer. Now I shouldn’t complain too much since Microsoft isn’t the only company doing such things like this. Look at cell phones. People spend a ton of money on them and constantly upgrade those.

There was a time when a phone was basically just a phone to talk to people without all the fancy other uses. I can’t get watching movies on my phone or playing games on it.

This problem is happening once again for many of us with our existing computers. Well, the computer you should avoid is an Acer. When I bought this computer, I got one a bit pricier and with an abundance of memory at the time. So mine has eight gigs. Windows 11 needs only four gigs too!

But at the time I was looking at Acer or ASUS. I only went with the Acer because on their site they said (and a rep confirmed this) that I could buy a DVD of the original software eventually. So I thought this was the best choice. Every once in a while I used to wipe out my computer. This made it operate more efficiently. Then Windows 10 came along and I never needed to do that.

But then Acer said they weren’t going to do that! I should have bought the ASUS. When I was just looking at YouTube videos on computers and seeing motherboards online for sale new for PC builders, I also saw ASUS motherboards were quite common.

I guess an Acer computer is the eMachine or Packard-Bell of its day. I will NEVER buy an Acer again.

You may have the requirements to run Windows 11. They want TPM in your system. And some may have it and can enable it through the BIOS.

TPM is something that seems useful. It probably costs about $10 and why put a $10 chip in a computer when the Acer company could spend that $10 on larger stock options for its executives?

But TPM is a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that was providing improved security to you. On the other hand, it would not be to their advantage allowing existing PC owners to ADD that extra online safety to their computers is easy to understand. No, that might hurt PC sales!

TPM modules are made, but I doubt it will be easy to find one. And remember your motherboard will have to have a place to stick it on the board! Acer made sure that they didn’t do that! Planned obsolescence is how tech companies keep us coming back for more. I remember my mother had a Hamilton clothes’ dryer. It was made extremely well. And she had it for more than 20 years. They went of business. I bet because they made great products that lasted . . . too long!


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