Best Beauty Products for Travel to Carry on Vacation

Best Beauty Products for Travel

Hopefully, you are vaccinated by now and want to put Covid-19 behind with a relaxing summer vacation. Therefore, you want to think carefully about the best beauty products for travel to pack before boarding a plane, train or even your car to save space.

Before getting down to specific types of beauty products, size is important. After all, airlines usually allow just travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces of items such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and lotion in your carry-on. Larger beauty items need to go into your suitcase.

Keeping beauty product weight in mind, you may want to buy toiletry travel bottles and decant from your skin care products at home. This is a better idea than risking paying extra baggage fees for going over the weight limit. It also prevents subjecting your products to undesirable temperatures from heat that could ruin them. Another solution is shopping for travel size samples, which are great for basic items to get you by.

Now that you thought about sizes, here are the best beauty products for travel in my opinion. Hot weather tends to change our normal skin care routines for many complexions, including dry skin like mine that can suddenly experience problems with the T-zone. I always found packing a travel-size package of makeup wipes and a mattifying primer comes in handy to keep fresh and remove makeup.

What I like to do is streamline the skin care items I need for hydration. I found it simplifies traveling looking for multitasking beauty products like an oil that you can use on both face and body such as one with nourishing plant oils that absorb without a greasy feel. Another option is carrying a serum, a lightweight moisturizer, a multipurpose cream that can double for body and hand cream to a shaving cream.

You also don’t want to forget sunscreen, deodorant, lip balm, and a travel-size bottle of non-aerosol hairspray. You may want a frizz control formula or just smooth it over hair lightly with a bit of that skin oil, hand cream or lotion for more control.

If you’re trying to pare down your makeup to pack, the best beauty products for travel should be ones that multitask as well. Lip and cheek sticks are convenient to bronzer sticks that can be used on the face and safely on the eyes as eyeshadow. Concealer is essential, but waterproof mascara and liner are also nice to have at your disposal.

With luck, what I shared with my best bets for beauty products for travel will help you organize your carry-on and suitcase more efficiently.


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